Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera Troubleshooting

Wild photography has gained significant popularity during the last two decades. In addition to it, more and more people are getting involved in this profession intending to earn money.

Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera Troubleshooting

This boom in wildlife documentation has brought significant changes in the camera industry. With each passing day, new types of cameras are emerging in the market to take the photography level to a whole new dimension. However, amidst these massive number of cameras, trail cameras have cemented its place firmly.

Nonetheless, wildgame innovations trail camera often comes along with some issues which are mostly solvable in the home. Unfortunately, most users are unaware of those solutions and thus, waste a lot of their valuable money. So, for the wildlife and pet lovers, we bring the complete Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera Troubleshooting guideline.

We strongly believe that this guideline will help you to sort out most of the problems at ease to give you magnificent wildlife documenting experience.

Reasons you should buy a wildlife innovations camera:

Trail cameras have been a darling for all the animal and environment lover since it first hit the market.

The rest is a tremendous story. It is as if it came, saw and conquered everything.

Its unprecedented popularity is backed by these following reasons-

  • It helps the photographer to shoot an entire hunting season due to its super battery backup.
  • With 24X7 shooting ability, these cameras have made the exploration process simple and easy.
  • These cameras bring the in-depth information about the ecology and allow you to broadcast them live.

Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera Troubleshooting For Common Problems

Trail cameras are mostly placed in the distant forest and farms to shoot the animals and nature in a raw state. However, staying away from the hands of the photographers, these cameras undergo some critical problems.

Here is our pick of the most commonly seen trail camera complications and their solutions-

1. Display problems

Sometimes the camera display looks like in ‘Off’ mode or the screen doesn’t show any light on it. Even if the display turns on, it shows blurry images.


It might happen if the memory card somehow locks the camera display. It hinders the screen from working correctly. Sometimes it might occur due to the unusual low charge of the battery.


At first, take out the memory card. Then format it, reset the camera to default and finally, insert the card.

If it is happening due to low battery, immediately replace the battery. However, avoid using rechargeable batteries to prevent unwanted damage. Power bank can be an option if your camera supports it.

2. The photo didn't save:

Many people complain that they have placed their trail camera in a hidden place to shoot the animals in their natural condition. Sadly, when they came back, they found their camera hasn’t saved any pictures at all. How unfortunate are those people!


The SD card might run out of memories. Some cards are compatible for specific models only. And lastly, you may not have attached the SD card due to your excitement.


If the SD card has insufficient space, try saving some previous photos to your laptop. If it is an incompatible version, buy the recommended one for your camera.

If you see the SD card in an improper attachment, open it and attach it correctly.

3. Bad lighting

It is one of the most common issues of the trail cameras. Almost all users have faced this problem once in their lifetime. It so happens that the photos are being blurred or over-exposed to lights. However, this a setting problem rather a camera problem itself.


Often, over-exposure to light in the camera setting causes the bad lighting problem. Sometimes, under-exposure causes dark photos too.


There is an exposure setting option in your camera. It has two sides, one negative and the other one, a positive side. If you are getting dark images, shift the setting to the positive side to get a brighter photo. On the contrary, if you want a more dismal picture, change the background to the negative side.

4. Blinking of the display

Sometimes, the camera display blinks a lot causing tensed moments for us. Though a majority of photographers get nervous at this, there is, in fact, an easy solution to it.


It might happen for three different causes-

  • Battery problems
  • Complications in SD card
  • Broken parts


Most often a battery with low-charge causes displays to blink. Make sure that your battery is in an optimum level. If the battery is too low, charge it immediately.

If the problem still exists, check and format your memory card to get a solution. However, if the display is due to broken camera parts, you need to consult a professional.

Can’t detect objects

If your camera fails to recognize the photo objects, you are in big trouble then. It is the most serious trail camera problems.


Overexposure to the direct sun rays often causes detection problems in the wildgame trail cameras.


If you find any detection issues, immediately contact a professional or to your seller in case you have a guarantee card.

When servicing is necessary

Here, we have enlisted and provided solutions for most of the common wildgame trail camera problems. However, if none of these solutions work to fix your camera problems, probably, your camera is physically damaged.

In such cases, we recommend you to take help from a reputed or authorized service center to avoid further complications.

Trail camera photography tips

It is a bonus segment for your beloved nature photographer. We have enlisted a few easy tricks and tips which, undoubtedly, will take your photography level to a new dimension.

  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Select a dry area, and put it so that it covers a full and open space.
  • Instead of setting the resolution in high, staring with 60p will offer you better views.

Final talk

A wildgame innovations trail camera is a significant investment by any means. We hope that this troubleshooting episode will help you to fix the underlying issues of your camera and enable you to take some great pictures of your loving wildlife.  It will be a matter of great joy for us if this detailed troubleshooting guideline comes handy to your smooth wildlife documentation.

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