Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice

cheap bass guitars for beginners

“When we hear music, we feel its bass.” This quote being said, a bass guitar brings innovation and smoothness at musical experience for both professionals and beginners. But for the novice bassist finding the best cheap bass guitar can be a bit difficult sometimes.

It is because you need to hover around the brands and models of the guitar and make several considerations. So, what are these crucial factors for the best beginners’ bass guitar selection?

First off, it needs to be affordable, easy to play, and stylish.

And secondly, it must give the sound you want in stage and perfect for practice.

Lately, for all the bass guitar lovers, we put our efforts on finding the best cheap bass guitars under 100$, and you won’t believe what we find.

We went through tons of models and brands only to see the hardship in finding the seven top-rated bass guitars under $100. So, we thought about keeping you out of such trouble.

Consequently, we piled up the seven best cheap bass guitar reviews that you must read-on before making your decision.


Best Choice Products 22-Fret Full Size Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar


Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 1Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 2
  • Rich sound with proper resonance
  • Tone and volume controller
  • High-quality mahogany built with glossy finish.



Our Rating


Special Feature


Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 3Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 2

Best Choice Products 22-Fret Full Size Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar


Editor Choice

 Bass acoustic-electric Guitar

  • Rich sound with proper resonance.
  • Tone and volume controller.
  • High-quality mahogany built with glossy finish.
  • High-quality mahogany built with glossy finish.
Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 5Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 6

Crescent Electric Bass Guitar Starter Kit


Best Value For Money

Electric Bass Guitar

  • A perfect beginners’ guitar
  • Top-class sound
  • 22 Fret facility
  • Superior basswood finish.
Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 7Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 8

First Act Discovery Acoustic Guitar


Best Choice For Beginner

Acoustic Guitar

  • Very Comfortable playing
  • Great Accuracy and adjust ability
  • Adjustable bridge system
  • Readily usable.
Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 9Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 10

Crescent MG38-RD 38" Acoustic Guitar


Best and Cheapest Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Perfect body and neck height
  • Easy tuning
  • Easy play ability.
Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 11Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 12

Polar Aurora NEW Full Size Blue Electric Bass Guitar


Best Choice As A Gift

Acoustic-electric bass Guitar

  • Resonance effect
  • Flamboyant design
  • Quality Amo cord
  • Smooth tone
Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 13Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 14

Crescent Electric Bass Guitar


Best Bass Guitar with Digital E-Tuner

Electric bass

  • Suitable for entry-level guitarists
  • Perfect size and essential facilities
  • Remarkable sound
  • Crescent™ Digital E-Tuner
Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 15Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 16

Z ZTDM Electric Bass Guitar


Best Choice For Adult Student

Electric bass Guitar

  • High-end specs
  • Comfortable and easy to operate
  • Perfect for gifts
  • Durable and stylish appearance

Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD

Here we will provide review for the cheap bass guitars  available for you. Hope you find this review helpful.

#1 Overall Best Choice-  Best Choice Products 22-Fret Full Size Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar

From the beginners to the expert musicians, everyone comes with high appreciation when it comes to BCP acoustic bass guitar. We start our review with this remarkable bass guitar for its premium features and top-class performance.

Rich sound with proper resonance:

The cutout guitar is made of premium mahogany wood. Such brilliant crafting of the best cheap bass guitar creates the stunning sound effect.

Thus, the wood composition is suitable for both concerts and jamming sessions.

In fact, the top-end sound production quality of the bass guitar gives it an uncanny edge over others.

Tone and volume controller:

The guitar features both acoustic and electric facility. On top of it, the guitar is operated with the EQ-754 ER with 4 band preamps. It comes handy for high-quality resonating sound production. So, it’s no wonder why beginners and pros both love the bass guitar so much.

What’s more, the 4-band preamps have a built-in comfortable volume controller mechanism. The equalizer can adjust presence, middle, treble and bass sound effect with accuracy. So, you won’t have to fear the lost sound quality anymore.

No assembly needed:

Whenever we talk about a bass guitar, we may think off tiresome assembly of the chords and notes. But that’s not the case with this Best Choice Product electric acoustic top-rated bass guitar. You can simply unpack it and the guitar is ready for jamming.

This readiness and easy operation make the guitar suitable for both beginners and professional musicians alike.

Beautiful design:

The beauty of a guitar is an integral part of it. Since it represents your personality, it should be good-looking. Thankfully, the mahogany cutout incorporates brilliantly with the die-cast chrome plated tuners and eye-catch inlay.

And its beautiful glossy finish draws everyone’s attraction like a magnet.

Key Specifications:

  • Type: Bass acoustic-electric
  • Size:  46”
  • Color:  Blue
  • Strings:  4
  • Controls : 4-band EQ


  • Elevates sound features with dedicated EQ.
  • High-quality mahogany built with glossy finish.
  • Fun to play with comfort.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • Lacks hooks

Our Verdict

The Best Choice Products bass guitar will be a great one to kick-off your musical journey. The uncompromised quality-control with affordable pricing makes the guitar an all-time hit in the musical industry.

#2 Best Value For Money -Crescent Electric Bass Guitar Starter Kit

The budding bassists worldwide love the Crescent Electric Bass Guitar for its sporty look that houses a 46-inches long full house guitar. It will be a perfect purchase if you are an amateur and don’t want to lose some bucks from pocket.

Top-class sound:

A beginner bassist focuses entirely on his sound pickups as he plays the guitar. Crescent, the popular manufacturer, seems to have pay heed to this issue.

Consequently, starter guitar comes with remarkable bridge and rose fingerboards.

Both works exceedingly well to produce crystal clear wonderful sound. Also, the sound production matches high-quality specifications.

Full sized guitar:

Crescent had made the bass guitar with 46-inches long fully functional specs for easy play. What’s more, the wonderful cheap bass guitar for beginners comes with an electronic tuner. Hence, you can know where your sounds are going right or wrong immediately during jamming.

Thus, you can quickly rectify your mistakes.

22 Fret facility:

You already probably know that dealing with a 22-fret bass guitar is easier than dealing with the 24-fret ones. Luckily, our Crescent Bass guitar has the comfortable 22-fret neck.

So, noobs will feel it easy and comfortable to handle the superb instrument.

Also, the 22-fret guitars are suitable for country music and jazz- which we know you love.

Amplifier and control:

Since it’s a basic starter guitar, you will get a primary 15-watts amplifier with it. The amplifier lets you quickly adjust between bass, mids, trebles and the volume rocker.

Also, the manufacturer provides two tone and one volume adjusting knob for easy control.

Hence, the guitar is a perfect-match for jamming to let your jazzer come out.

Wonderful finish:

The classic guitar is made from basswood with a wonderful bluburst color. Additionally, the die-cast chrome plating on the guitar head indicates brilliant finish and outlook.

Key Specifications:

  • Type:  Bass acoustic
  • Size: 46”
  • Color:  Bluburst
  • Strings:  4
  • Controls:  Basic tone and volume

Our Verdict

The starter guitar from Crescent is surely an affordable choice if you are a leaner or an amateur. Also, the inclusion of the necessary tools works as a deal breaker for this unique beginner bass guitar.

#3  Best Choice  For Beginner - First Act Discovery Acoustic Guitar

Not actually an adult musical instrument, this acoustic guitar will be a fine birthday gift for your young son and daughter. Similarly, Fast Act Discovery is a key player in the beginners and youngsters’ guitar industry with this acoustic one.

The guitar is fun to play and features fuser-friendly construction that as a parent you will love for your kids. But learners can also opt for this brilliant guitar for jamming.

Perfect size:

Worried about your little star ability to handle the guitar? Keep calm and watch how the budding bassist handles the 30” guitar. Also, with a meager 3.2 pounds weight, kids and young won’t have to bear the weighty burden.

The neck is also perfectly sized so that the rising musician can experience comfortable guitar sessions without much toll on their shoulders.

Comfortable playing:

The guitar is cleverly crafted with incredibly low string height. So, those little fingers will be able to reach every string with ease.

As a result, kids love playing the beautiful bass guitar as they don’t have to stretch their fingers painstakingly.

What’s more, First Act Discovered has used patented covers for the string post to protect the guitarist fingers.

Accuracy and adjustability:

Since the guitar aims at the kid’s segment in the market, it ensures kids friendly accurate tuning. Additionally, you or the little musician can adjust the tune with a brilliant and accurate fret spacing system for better playing experience.

The string action is also adjustable for comfortable jamming. In short, the guitar aims at ensuring highest comfort for the musicians.

Cord cards:

What people love most about the guitar is its inclusion of cord cards in the package. The cord card comes beneficial for kids to start their musical journey immediately with this bass instrument.

Key Specifications:

  • 1. Type: Acoustic
  • 2. Size: 30”
  • 3. Color: Natural
  • 4. Strings: 4
  • 5. Controls: Tune adjustment


  • Readily usable
  • Comfortable size
  • Included chord cards
  • Adjustable bridge system


  • Not for professional

Our Verdict

The superb guitar will be one heck of a gift for the early buds to kick-off their musical journey with enthusiasm and much appreciation. Also, the affordable pricing should favor you.

#4 Best and Cheapest Acoustic Guitar - Crescent MG38-RD 38" Acoustic Guitar

This is our 2nd pick from the talisman guitar manufacturer Crescent and that’s for no vogue reasons. High-quality sound production, beautiful outlook, easy playing and a pocket-friendly budgeting, all these make the starter guitar a real deal breaker.

Perfect size:

The starter acoustic guitar is mainly made for little and youngsters who are jumping up and down to kick-off their bassist life with a bang. Therefore, Crescent has put all their engineering and crafting effort to make this guitar friendly for the learners.

As a result, they sized up the guitar at 38” inches which is about ¾ length of a full-sized adult guitar. Although the size seems weird, it works perfectly for playability and easy handling of those little fingers.

Easy tuning:

One of the problems about bass guitars is its lack of ability to stay tuned for a longer period. So, it becomes a headache for a beginner since tuning those strings is a challenging task. Crescent has addressed the issue and so, came up with this excellent craft.

Once you will tune the guitar using Crescent ™ Digital E -Tuner (included in the package) the string will remain tuned for an extended period. So, dear bassist, enjoy your long-long jamming sessions with this extraordinary musical instrument.

Remarkable action:

Despite being an inexpensive guitar, this one holds the action pretty well. You won’t feel stressed as your fingers run across the strings. Also, strings positions are near-perfect with no high or low sitting. On top of it, the vibrant and warm sound production works in favor for the learners.

Construction and appearance:

Crescent has used wood and Linden binding to craft this beautiful piece of art. The one guitar we are reviewing comes in a red vibrant color but you can opt for the natural, black, pink or other available colors as well. Additionally, the steel strings also add formidability.

  • 1. Type: Acoustic
  • 2. Size: 38”
  • 3. Color: Red
  • 4. Strings: 4
  • 5. Controls: Tune and volume adjustment


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Perfect body and neck height
  • Easy playability.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Strings are not that quality.

Our Verdict

This Crescent starter guitar is more fitted for practice sessions of the budding bassist and your kid should love its appearance and sound quality.

#5 Best Choice  As A Gift - Polar Aurora NEW Full Size Blue Electric Bass Guitar

Did you check the name? It says ‘new’ in bold representation which makes sure that it’s an upgrade of the already popular guitar model from Polar Aurora. Hence, you will get even better performance. Top-class tune and sound and all at a relatively reasonable price.

Stylish appearance:

Whenever we close eyes and imagine a guitarist, what comes first in mind? His flamboyant style and those fast-moving fingers across the strings, right?

Polar Aurora also appreciates the bassist style highly and so presented the bass, jazz and country music lover with this beautiful craft. Made of quality rosewood, the guitar is ready for heavy-duty practicing while the royal blue and white color combo bring aesthetics at your feet.

The shiny finish and smooth appearance are one of its high-selling points.

Perfect sound:

The next hottest thing about the guitar is a decent sound production capacity. With a rosewood fingerboard and a sturdy maple neck the guitar delivers almost perfect and crystal-clear warm sound.

Also, once you tune the strings accurately, you should feel a smooth sound resonance.

However, you will need ardently some time to get used to its rather different sound feeling. But given the quality, it's worth an investment.

Resonance effect:

A bassist wants his guitar to produce a vibrant resonating effect because that's what he plays his guitar for. This talisman guitar has a brilliant resonance with a lime wood panel for smooth lines. So, you can expect quality and high-performing sound during your practice sessions.

Generous packaging:

Thankfully, Polar Aurora has included all necessary gears that you need to start using the guitar right away. This generosity makes the guitar suitable for beginners as they won’t have to invest on purchasing the equipment separately.

  • 1. Type: Acoustic-electric bass
  • 2. Size: 46”
  • 3. Color: Combo of white and blue.
  • 4. Strings: 4
  • 5. Controls: Tune adjustment


  • Complete packaging
  • Quality Amo cord
  • Flamboyant design
  • Smooth tone


  • Takes time for tuning

Our Verdict

The guitar is a basic starter kit. Nonetheless, with fantastic features and satisfactory performance it rightly earns the title of best bass cheap guitar under 100.

#6 Best Bass Guitar with Digital E-Tuner - Crescent Electric Bass Guitar

If you are a beginner guitarist and looking to improve your skills then the Crescent Starter Kit bass electric guitar is worth the investment. Nonetheless, the guitar may need slight improvement in the strings if you really look for a professional use.

Perfect size and essential facilities:

First off, it’s a 46” full sized electric bass guitar. So, you get the full specs of a remarkable musical instrument that broadly includes a 15-watts amp for quality bass guitar, Split P-U/P-B guitar pickups and extra strings.

The guitar is made of quality basswood to give the guitar durability and a nice sound effect. What’s more, you will love its neck spacing ang positions of the strings that lets you play without any stress for an extended period.

Handmade guitar and durability:

Crescent has handcrafted the guitar fully handmade. The guitar features a 20-fret system that is easy to handle even for the non-adults. Also, with a rosewood fingerboard and maple neck with an enclosed tuning made of chrome de-cast the guitar is suitable for beginner to intermediate learners.

The rosewood board and basswood formation also produce a warm mid-range. Moreover, it also has a balanced tone.

Crescent™ Digital E-Tuner:

Crescent has provided their patented Digital E-Tuner tuning system with this extraordinary electric bass guitar. With the Digital E-Tuner you should find it easy to tune the strings perfectly in a relatively short time.

You adjust the bass, trebles, mids and high-notes with the tuner. All these are beneficial for a beginner as well as intermediate learner to get some inspiration initially.

High-quality sound:

The guitar despite being decently priced offers remarkable sound quality. Customers have praised its sound production ability with a warmer tone. Also, the sound is quite loud that should catch-up your ears fast.

  • 1. Type: Electric bass
  • 2. Size: 46”
  • 3. Color: Available in multiple colors.
  • 4. Strings: 4
  • 5. Controls: Digital E-Tuner


  • Includes all accessories
  • Suitable for entry-level guitarists
  • Remarkable sound
  • Lightweight


  • Pick-up updates necessary.

Our Verdict

Do you want a guitar at a cheap price and still wish to get superior performance? If yes, then wait no more and grab this remarkable starter guitar kit.

#7 Best Choice  For Adult Student - Z ZTDM Electric Bass Guitar Full Size

Exquisite, stylish and high-performing, these words are not sufficient to describe this Z ZTDM electric bass guitar. The guitar is so worthwhile that until you get it at hand you won’t understand its brilliance. And it's no hoax.

Comfortable and easy to operate:

For any adult guitar student, the comfortable feeling for smooth learning is a mandatory factor. Luckily, the guitar cutout shape with perfectly positioned strings offer a comfy hand feel.

So, your fingers won’t get tired even after long practicing hours.

And, keep fatigue at bay and keep jamming until you become a professional bassist.

Professional use:

While ordinary guitars come with skinny strings, the ZTDM has much thicker strings. So, it will withstand more wear and tear that is perfect for some sorts of professional use.

On top of it, the string section has also been made larger to facilitate better sound production with high-precision.

Silk balance:

Any bassists would know the importance of a perfect balance of tones so that it fits easily with the vocals. For this guitar, you can expect warm and silky tone balance.

Additionally, the bass effect incorporates wonderfully with the sound emission for a wonderful guitar experience. The beautiful bass effect is made possible because of the low-string position.

Durable and stylish appearance:

ZTDM has used synthetic material and superior quality basswood to construct the guitar. So, it will perfectly suit your home décor with three color availability- red, blue and black. The overall construction is also durable for long-lasting performance.

  • 1. Type: Electric bass
  • 2. Size: 46”
  • 3. Color: Available in red, blue and black color.
  • 4. Strings: 4
  • 5. Controls: Equalizer


  • High-end specs
  • Perfect for gifts
  • Attractive design
  • Clear sound
  • Easy tuning


  • Needs little adjustments.

Our Verdict

The top-quality guitar is an awesome option for knockaround bass. With no dents and scratches the guitar is a classic example of exclusive best cheap bass guitar for beginners under 100.

Final Words

Whether you want to kick start your guitaring career with a bang or need a good one for the jamming sessions, the best cheap bass guitars under 100 will be the right choice. These guitars are good quality and have a dynamic sound producing capacity with ample melody. Let's simplified the task for you, so that you could choose the right one quickly. 

For all-round performance, we recommend the Best Choice Products made acoustic-electric bass guitarIt serves both bass and acoustic functions with electric and a good-quality equalizer.

Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 3Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 2

On the contrary, the Crescent Electric Bass Guitar can be your ultimate choice, if you want something at an affordable price without compromising with the quality. It has almost all premium features like the BCP guitar, and so you can trust its outcome.

Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 5Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 6

And if you want to draw your kids’ attention to guitar, we recommend you to "Crescent MG38-RD 38" with its mid-size and kid-friendly design.

Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 9Top 7 Cheap Bass Guitars Under 100 USD – Expert Choice 10

Also, as you select your best cheap bass guitar, try to mesh the combo of bass guitar and quality amplifier. It permits you to experience some heartwarming music with these top-rated bass guitars. We promise you won’t feel disappointed.

Cheers and happy music.

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