Williams Legato 88 key Digital Piano Review: Is it Worth buying in 2021?

williams legato 88 key

William Legato is a relatively new manufacturer in the music industry, but it has surged the market with some great products already. The best part about William Legato is their uncompromising quality, even at an extremely affordable price.

As a continuous journey to provide customers with excellent instruments, they introduced their upgraded piano with 88 fully functional keys. The piano, with its remarkable features and power-packed performance, is steadily winning the hearts of music lovers.

To speak the truth, this promising piano set comes with unthinkably excellent specifications despite being an affordable musical instrument. But what makes it so popular, so trustworthy and loving among people?

In today’s ​Williams Legato 88 key Digital Piano Review, we are going to reveal the truth of the instrument. We will test its specifications, thoroughly check its worthiness and finally, put our unbiased comment on it.

So, are you up for it?

Key Specifications of Williams Legato 88 Key Digital Piano:

​Overall Rating: 4.5

Williams Legato Review

Admittedly, Williams doesn't look forward to beating the premium-quality digital pianos in the market. Instead it aims at a slightly under-watched market segment where most customers thrive for a budget-friendly keyboard. While Williams Legato undoubtedly best fits this category, it hasn't overlooked the specification section. This one is packed with some excellent specs that will leave the most of us jaw-dropping.

  • Keys: It has fully functional and velocity-sensitive 88 keys.
  • Action: Semi-weighted
  • Voices: Supports five basic voices; Includes bass, synth organ, piano and electric piano.
  • Notes: Polyphonic, 32 notes.
  • Functional System: ​It has two layers (2) functionality and spliting system allowing you to choose your favorite song.
  • Songs: Has five preset songs
  • Weight and Dimensions: Around 19lb with 50X3.5X11(Inches) dimensions
  • Colour: Matte Black
  • Batteries ​: Six battery cell; ​

​​​​Williams Legato 88 key Digital Piano Review With Features

First things come first, the Williams Legato is one of the cheapest yet efficient fully functional 88-key piano available in the market.  Therefore, we would suggest you keep the level of your expectations at a logical level because Williams had to sacrifice many a thing to provide such a great musical instrument at an affordable price and still gain profit for them. So, Let's check the offerings of this.

Features ​Those ​Make Williams Legato ​Different

​Yes, William is a relatively new brand in the musical instrument industry. ​But what they have done so far, they are now in the top priority list of the musicians. 

Of course, The piano set boasts that it has come with unique features. To speak the truth, it offers more than satisfactory performance in most of the categories. So, let’s look at the most astounding features of this minimalistic musical instrument.

1. Sound Quality ​That ​Matter ​The ​Most

William Legato, by all means, has an impressive sound quality. The incognito sound quality creates a warmer effect concerning piano sounds. Moreover, the system comes with a unique third-party sound library. The sound system is built with five different sounds, and you can split them into two separate sections, thanks to Williams Legato’s sound splitting technology.

The sound splitting allows you to combine two different sounds like bass and piano or synth organ with Rhodes and so on. However, you can’t manually adjust the volume balance which makes the splitting system questionable.

Yes, there is a noticeable degradation on the tone quality both at the low and high ends. Therefore, you would find the digitally created sound clearer. The bottom end lacks depth, whereas the high-end lacks proper resonance. It makes the sound thinner than most people would expect.

Nonetheless, the digital sound system holds the ground firmly with its more realistic sound production which is perfect for the intermediate level. Thus, our team rates the sound of Williams Legato as more than satisfactory and above-average line.

2. Minimalistic ​Design ​At ​An ​Affordable ​Price

The task of making a fully functional and 88-keys piano in a lower price range is itself a daunting job. A company needs to sacrifice many things to provide an elementary level piano at such a price range like the Williams Legato.

It has an extremely average look with matte black finishing, and at first look one should realize that it is built with low-quality plastics. Also, with a price range of 200-300$ none expects a premium look, do you?

However, what makes the William Legato design unique and so charming is its compactness and lightweight. If you travel a lot to different places for concerts, this portable piano should top your preference list. Nonetheless, if you aren’t an aesthetics lover, the design is just “there about” to be an attractive instrument.

3. Touch ​Sensitivity:

The semi-weighted keys will provide you with a soft feel like the traditional keyboards. It allows the user to have a pleasant expression as he plays the notes.

What’s surprising is that despite being ​low priced, William Legato comes exceptionally close to the modern-day prevalent Hammer action when it comes to keyboard performance and function.

However, the keyboard action is evenly poised across the keys. Hence, you will get almost an equivalent performance more or less. So, the budget-friendly piano set won’t disappoint you if you are a beginner. Pro musicians will also find it entirely satisfactory.

4. The ​More ​Controllable ​Keyboard ​With ​Fewer ​Settings:

Considering the price, it offers, Williams must get a round of applause for adding the "aftertouch" function on the keyboard; a useful service often avoided even by the likes of Casio and Yamaha.

The keyboard 's response to velocity sensitiveness is also appreciable as it facilitates more advanced playing options for some high piano tunes like Fur Elise.

Although the keyboard setting ​has just needed options, it offers excellent depth for the chorus and delay. The depth will surely come handy when you practice songs.

The piano also features a reverb and chorus function, which admittedly is a beautiful thing to have. Additionally, the brightness setting option is quite good. And William already upgrades the settings with whole new opportunities in the next update - Williams Legato III 88-Key Digital Piano​.

5. Interface, ​Sonnections and ​Controls

The Legato has a fundamental interference featuring all the essential controls and knobs. So, you will get all the necessary control as a beginner and also mid-level musicians.  In fact, being one of the most inexpensive pianos at present, William Legato offers an amazingly good controlling system that needs much appreciation.

The interference comes with-

  • 1. Power switch
  • 2.Volume knob
  • 3.Buttons for different sound effects.
  • 4. Metronome modes
  • 5.Tone controller

​Additionally, there are two speakers on each side, although they aren’t magnificent. We strongly suggest you to use headphone or external speakers to experience better sound.

Legato has a MIDI connectivity and a USB port which supports media storage. All these make the keyboard an excellent choice for the pianist. 

Advantages of ​Williams Legato 88

  • 1. ​The user-friendly price tag is obviously the most alluring advantage of the Williams Legato.
  • 2. ​It comes with a 88 full-sized and functional keyboard. It makes the musical instrument a winner in the market.
  • 3. ​The light-weight and portability make it an all-time favourite for the travellers specially those who frequently take part in different concerts..
  • 4. ​It has good sound quality with layering and split functions.
  • 5. ​It runs on 6-cell batteries, and so, you won’t think about the electricity anymore with it.

​Disadvantages of ​Williams Legato 88

  • 1. ​It supports only 32- polyphonic note.
  • 2. ​The voice library doesn’t have any voice strings.

​Should you buy the Williams Legato?

If you want to know whether or not, you should buy Williams Legato. Our answer will be a definite ‘yes’. It has the best value for the price range it offers. Many people find it hard to believe that they can get a full-sized piano at such a low price.

Of course, it has sacrificed so many things, nonetheless, for the beginners and home users, there is currently no alternative to it due to its -portability, more than average sound reproduction quality and above all, the unbelievable price range.

Extra - Williams Legato iii 88-key Digital Piano Review

However, if you really want something more premium, we will strongly recommend you to check William Legato III. It has all the high-end facilities of William Legato 88  but adds something more. 

Williams Legato 88 key Digital Piano Review: Is it Worth buying in 2021? 1
  • 1. ​For instance, the William Legato III comes with crystal clear sound effect with the recently updated dual-driver speakers.
  • 2. ​Also, it has high-definition library that packs 10 top-quality voices.
  • 3. ​​Moreover, the piano set has a vintage look with impressive keyboard setup that most people praise highly.

Final Verdict

​William Legato, offers in a pocket-friendly budget such quality sound, eye-pleasing design, and more than satisfactory performance, which is fantastic.

Williams Legato 88 key Digital Piano Review: Is it Worth buying in 2021? 9

People with limited income should find Legato as their best-fitted option. Moreover, if you have started to learn piano of late, then, it is a ‘’go to alternative’’ for you.

So, we would say that William Legato is well-built, has exceptional performance, and waiting to be placed in your musical room if you are all right with its sound quality and overall impressions. It is indeed a futuristic piano set.  

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