Okachi Gliya Facial Steamer Review – 2888G1

Okachi Gliya Facial Steamer Review 2888G1

Are you looking for facial spa treatment at home? One of the facial steamers that are steadily gaining popularity for its spa type quality is O​kachi G​liya Facial Steamer – 2888G1. ​O​kachi G​liya is a professional beauty kits manufacturer which brings ​some worthy facial steamers in the market. 

For the first glance, you may think it is similar to other facial steamers, but we can assure you that it is not the same. ​For instance, it provides a longer spa time than most other facial steamer does. Moreover, this multi-functional facial steamer comes with some effective feature that you may need to look at.
Here, we’re giving you in-depth ​O​kachi G​liya Facial Steamer review for better understanding.

Top Features of ​O​kachi G​liya Facial Steamer – 2888G1

1. First ​Impression-​ ​Stylish ​Design:

​​Okachi Galiya Facial Steamer – 2888G1 is a curvy shape facial steamer with an elegant look. It has a lovely color combination – a classy pink head with a white body. Thus, the appearance of the facial steamer is quite outstanding. Also, it has a smart touch switch.

2. Indicator Light:

The beautiful looking facial steamer comes with a cleverly crafted LED indicator. In standby mode, the indicator light flashes red lights when you plug in the steamer. And once you turn on the steamer with a sleek touch on the button, it starts producing steam in 30 seconds. At this moment, the indicator light will turn into white.
Therefore, the indicator light comes handy to inform you about the steamer state. That’s helpful to avoid any accidents. Also, to stop the steam production, just close the LED mirror. That’s as easy as you may expect.

3. An Artistic Piece:

Mainly people want to hide their facial steamer in wardrobe, almirah, or cupboard, but for this ​one, they don’t need to do that. They can proudly place it in the bedroom, dressing table & drawing room, thanks to its perfect mesh of aesthetics, white and gorgeous pink colors that looks amazing​ (A beautiful looking showpiece actually!).

4. Nano-Ionic Hot Mist Facial Steamer :

OG-2888G1 has built-in advanced ptc ceramic heating element that vaporizes distilled water and produces nano ​sized strong steam instantly. When this nano steam get combined with ionic water particles, it makes ultra-fine Nano-sized steam particles.

The nozzle of this facial steamer sprays strong, wide and thick, steady steam, covering the full face.And this is up to 10x more effective in penetrating the skin.

Researchers show that nano-ionic steam can penetrate the skin barrier more easily, compared to regular steam. That gives skin deep supplement moisture more efficiently.Th​is makes it one of the best spa facial steamers for home use.

5. Auto Shut-off with Smart Touch Switch:

It comes with smart touch functionality with smooth operation. The touch panel which has built-in anti-creep is very safe for operation.And most importantly the auto shut -off function work significantly for this facial steamer. If the water supply tank is out of the water, it shuts off immediately. Thus it ensures device safety and prevents us from unwanted injury.

6. Pro-UV and Pure Steam Facility:

The steamer uses an 80ml food-grade and high-quality water container that leaves no harmful particles while the water turns into steam. Hence, it is pure health safe.
Also, the facial steamer comes with brilliant Pro-UV to ensure that you get the best and the purest steam for your facial care. Also, the UV-Pro mechanism increases the overall efficiency of the streamer.

7. 4-in-1 facial steamer:

It is a multi-functional facial steamer which enables you some efficient features.

  • Skincare: It is very effective in skin care.
  • Humidifier: It comes with a large 80 ml water tank which has a long running time(15 minutes).It is enough for using it as a humidifier.
  • Makeup mirror: It has a single-side mirror (HD scratch resistant) which can be used as a makeup mirror.
  • Fix the facial mask: It can be used for fixing facial mask

​8. Quick Nutritional Absorption and Reduces ​Acne and ​Blackheads:

It produces a warm and gentle temperature that melts away dead skin cells. So the nutrients can absorb more in the skin.

It is beneficial in removing acne and blackheads.The nano steam effectively opens the pores of the skin and deeply clean the dirt, oil etc. from the surface. And thus it stops the formation of acne and blackheads.​ Also, regular use of facial steam will reduce your acne problems.

9. Spa Facial Treatment:

​You can get some superior quality SPA treatment from this incredible facial steamer. It is instrumental in promoting collagen regeneration.It activates the hydrophobic factor that replenishes water in your skin and encourages collagen regeneration.It makes skin tone brighter, improved blood circulation up to 10x, enhances cell vitality to gain a healthier younger looking complexion and weakens pigmented spots, kills skin bacteria, and suppresses acne and more.

10. Super build quality:

OKACHI GLIYA is a renowned band which always produce high-quality devices.OKACHI GLIYA Facial Steamer – 2888G1 builds with high-quality material.The reservoir is made of ultra-high-grade, durable, heat – resistant and Eco-friendly premium material. So it does not have any plastic smell at all.

11. Longer Spa Time:

The superb-quality facial steamer comes with 15 minutes of productive working time. This working time makes it a unique spa treatment device since it provides 3 minutes of more steaming than most other regular steamers.
The longer spa time ensures it reaches deep into your skin for a better cleansing effect.

12. Product Specifications:

  • Model Number: OG-2888
  • Rated Voltage: 110V/120V
  • Rated Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Weight: 1.56kg

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  • Budget friendly with multi-functional options.
  • No plastic smell.
  • Reduce acne and blackheads.
  • Can be used as a humidifier.
  • Smart Touch with Auto Shut-off function.


  • Can not use essential oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use OKACHI GLIYA 2888G1 on my scalp to reduce dandruff?

Well, you can use the steamer on the scalp with a bit of adjustment. However, it’s not recommended by experts, and therefore, we also won’t encourage you.

2. ​Does 2888G1 features auto shut down?

Yes, it does. The user manual says that when the facial steamer runs out of the water to produce any steam, it will shut down automatically to stop accidents.

3. Is it a new release?

Yes, it is a new release from OKACHI GLIYA with the upgraded LED touch mirror. So, you will love its improved functionality and performance.

Why Should I buy OKACHI GLIYA Facial Steamer – 2888G1

The process of finding the best facial steamer for your skin can be a tricky task.However, with the information provided above it is very clear that it expresses user satisfaction in every aspects.

Based our Review, we highly recommend the Okachi Gliya Facial Steamer-2888G1. This is a versatile facial steamer and will not disappoint you. It is one of the facial steamers that guarantees you great value for the money. And please like and share it, if you find our Okachi Gliya Facial Steamer Review helpful.Contact us ,if you need to know anything.  

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