How Often To Steam Face – Do you want to know?

How Often to Steam Face

I must admit that in this modern-day of two minutes of quickie facial and instant musk plumping, it’s hard to resist these techniques. Yes, one old school face caring has slowly but surely gained popularity for its immense benefits in recent days.

Yes, I am talking about the trustworthy and most convenient of all facial care, facial steam, the process where you put your face right in the middle of the vapor cloud to get soft and glowing skin. But the question is, how often to steam face and for how long? And is there any adverse effect on using face steam too much?

To know this answer, scroll down one section after another in this write-up.

How Often To Steam Face: Myths and Reality

How Often To Steam Face Myths and Reality

Well, this is quite a tricky question. Nonetheless, before we proceed deep into the answer, let’s quickly take a look at the steaming face benefits.

  • 1. Deep Cleansing: ​If you use a good-quality facial steamer to clean your face, the effective steam will help your skin by opening the already clogged pores. As the pores open up, the steam reaches deep into the skin for efficient cleansing. Consequently, you will get rid off blackheads and defected pores.
  • 2. ​Increases receptiveness: Facial steaming unclogs the pores and makes them clean. So, the skin receptiveness increases significantly to help it absorb the nutrient and other essential products more.
  • 3. ​Better circulation: Through regular facial steaming, you can boost the blood circulation and help grow new cells. Hence, you will see a better nutrient and oxygen flow around your face to brighten it up.

But, hey, there’s the twist. Having seen such unthinkable benefits of facial steaming, you might think, “Why should not I use to steam face every day if not twice a day?”

I understand with such extraordinary advantages of face steaming with nano particles, this thought process is legitimate. But I am afraid that you would be sad to know that you shouldn’t steam face every day if you want to escape skin damage.

So, how frequent face steaming should be performed instead of steaming face daily to get the most out of it without being harmed?

Ideally, most experts and also skin specialists recommend that you should not apply facial steaming more than once in every week. In this way, you can get the maximum glow and soften skin with exfoliation while minimizing the side effects of steam on the face.

And for better result for light face, before use steam it is better to clean your face with face trimmer.You can check a good hair trimmer list that gives you your desire look.

However, if you have rough or oily skin or if it is vulnerable to​blackheads and acne, you can upgrade the steaming to twice per week. But then again, as you start steaming face twice in the week, observe the skin response carefully.

If you feel irritated, stop instantly.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Face Steam every day

You might be thinking now as to why I have been continuously enforcing you not to face steam every day. Well, the answer is pretty straightforward; steaming face daily will eventually soak the moisture to leave your skin dry and rough.

Overdoing the face steam will overly dry the skin. Do you really want it to happen? If not, then stop daily steaming and leave ample time for the face to retain moisture locked inside before you start the next session.

Ideally, you should perform a deep cleansing facial steam in 5-7 days interval. This would allow the skin pores to relax and stretch slightly so that your face can soak more moisture and remove the grime from the inside.

How Long Do I Need to Steam My Face?

The steam duration is as important as the steaming frequency. So, I thought of following up on the steam duration along with the frequency.

As of any standard rule, you can apply facial steam on your face as long as you enjoy it and feel relaxed, but on no occasions, it should last more than 15 minutes. Then, there’s a fair bit of chance to damaged skin with slight burnt.

Nonetheless, this steaming session may vary depending on what skin type you have​.

  • 1. ​10-15 minutes for oily to extremely oily skin.
  • 2. ​Around 10 minutes of facial steam for healthy as well as slightly oily skin (some skins are a combo of oil and natural skin tone).
  • 3. ​Less than 5 minutes with a mild vaporizer for sensitive and dry skin.
  • 4. ​A quality face steaming session for once in a week for 5-15 minutes.

Furthermore, you are one of those with overly dry skin; I recommend you to not go for long steaming sessions

Do I need to Wash My Face After Steaming?

Haha, this is very interesting. Most people advise us to clean face before steam facing, but what about after that?

From my ardent observation, I can tell you that since pores open up after steaming, you should clean the face after a while. It will help you to remove the dirt coming out of the opened pores. But be cautious not to use cold water. Instead, apply lukewarm water or use a cotton towel to clean the face gently.

Wrapping Up

An excellent steaming session can alleviate your skin softness and glowing look to perfection. On the contrary, overdoing it will bring untold suffering for you.

Just as overeating isn’t good for your health, more than once or at best twice face steaming isn’t useful and necessary for your face. Hence, instead of over-performing the technique, be patient to extract the most out of it.

So, get this rule thumbs-up:

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