Palagi Beach – Travel with Family

Someone has honestly said, "I asked my heart, where shall I go for peace and thrill simultaneously, and my heart took me to Palagi beach." Indeed, if you want to have some lifetime happiness with your family, Palagi beach is your go for the destination.

Lush greenery, crystal blue water of the Pacific Ocean, rocks and hiking trails as well as serenity wrapped with sandy beach- Palagi beach offers you everything. Fantastic beauty and an enthralling nature-it is a must-go summer destination with your family. However, being situated in a distant place, people often hesitate to go there for lack of information. Thus, I have come up with this Palagi Beach, travel with family guideline to make your tour a memorable one.

Palagi beach location:

Being a bit less known sea beach, Palagi enjoys a typical serenity. This beautiful piece of heaven is situated in the western tip of American Samoa near the South Pacific-ocean. The Island is right between Amanave and Poloa, stretching over a few miles.

It is covered with thick forestry in most of the parts, so the best way to get a holistic view of the Island and beach is to see through it with a different type of drones.

Palagi beach : Attractive family activities

Palagi is widely famous for its hard rocks, hiking through the little mountain, secluded areas-all ideal for your family members. It is an incredibly lonely place, so you can enjoy every moment with your beloved family members without freaking about what others might think.

Hiking brings excitement

If you want to go to the beach, you should be ready for some hiking experience. However, as the rocks aren't monumental and the walkways through the trees are favourable, the hiking is the most thrilling part of the tour in Palagi beach.

It usually takes an hour to complete the whole hiking to reach the beach. You will have the opportunity to go upside-down of the rocks, and under the fantastic cliffs while walking across the seacoast. It's worth a lifetime experience.

Rock climbing: A fun time

Palagi beach is full of small black rocks all across the seacoast. Some of them even have caves, small in size but good enough for some excitement. The cliffs and caves are easily accessible, which makes the rock-climbing great fun here.

Even the children can go to the top of the rocks and imagine themselves a part of the Pirates of the Caribbean as they hide themselves in the little caves.


The beach water is free from all pollutants with a deep-blue colour. Moreover, it is the residence of some of the most beautiful fish species like Regal Angelfish and Betta fish. All these make snorkelling a smart option here.

Drone photography: Capture the scenic beauty

As the title shows, I meant it too. The beach offers spectacular beauty of great photogenic places. However, the best way to capture photographs along the sandy seacoast is to use a drone.

The drone has become a popular medium of photography since the past few years. Moreover, drones have come up with great features helping scientists to general people like us in some enormous ways. Even in the recent Amazon fire, drones are playing an important role to control it. Many companies are now bringing some good home drones to fulfil some family activities like capturing home map, sky photography, and capturing the moments of your children and pet. Moreover, if you can do it in Palagi beach, there's nothing better for it.

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Sunbath and sunsetting:

Did you know that Palagi Beach is situated in the most western corner of the world? It means that the sun kisses its soil right at the end. Similarly, the sun here sets last in the entire world.

Probably, when you are busy with your loving wife in sunbathing here, the Japanese are getting ready for their dinner. The tropical area is genuinely a perfect area for sunbaths. Furthermore, the uninterrupted scene of sunset is a treat to your eyes.

Things to be kept in mind

Undoubtedly, Palagi beach is a favourite family tour destination for those who want to enjoy Nature in its raw form. Nonetheless, it would help if you are careful about some critical points while you travel to the sandy coast. 

1. The hiking trail is dangerous during the high tide. So, try to go during the low tides to avoid any unwanted experience.

2. The area is a residence for some of the largest species of spiders. Therefore, carefully put your steps while hiking.

3. Samoan people are far from being a modern human like us. So, don't bother them. Let them live with peace there. 

Final verdict

The southern-most part of the world, Palagi beach is the heart of Nature. Visiting the beach with your family will refresh you to start a new life with vigorous enjoyment. You will find it hard to find the perfect words to describe what treasure is waiting for you in the beach. However, never mind! Don't bother about those vocabularies; enjoy the scenic Nature with your wife and children. After all, it's vacation time to enjoy with your family. 

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