How To Get Rid Of Spiders In Your Car – 9 Best Method

How To Get Rid Of Spiders In Your Car

Do you know how dangerous spider biting can be? You can feel redness, pain, and swelling, which can spread into your abdomen, back, or chest. You can also have cramping, nausea, vomiting, tremors, or sweating. Sometimes, venomous spider leads to death also. Moreover, spiders can make driving a terrifying experience for those who aren’t very fond of creepy creatures. And, think of any children and aged ones getting bitten by a spider in a car, how much worse can it get? 

So, from there, we can understand that spiders in your car can give you so much trouble. So, it is better to get rid of these bugs as soon as possible. But, how?

When you will finish reading this article, you will know how to prevent spiders in your car. There are many ways to prevent it, such as killing them, catching them, and ensuring that there are no spiders in your car next. Our article has some proven hacks, and if you use them to prevent spiders, it will be a proact. So, let's see what we have here.

Before going to the main part, we should know about some basic questions.

How Do Spiders Get In Your Car?

Let's start with our first fundamental question - why and how do the spiders enter your car? The simple reason behind spider infestation in your car is that they want to prevent the wet and cold weather outside. And, when you keep your car doors and windows open, spiders can easily crawl into your car and hide them in it for several days. 

Next Question - Where Do Spiders Hide In Your Car?

Spiders generally find out the holes and entrances to enter your car and then hide in the hidden spot to be in. They like to hang around inside the edges of the doors and the railings of the windows. When you start driving, due to the vibration, they feel disturbed and get out from their hideaways to smoother places like the steering wheels and ceilings. 

Spiders are always interested in making their home in your vehicle because the environment of your car is ideal for them to hide. They sometimes hide them inside your side-view mirrors too. But, spiders avoid hiding in the front seat area, such as the front engine of your car. They always try to hide on the opposite side of the engine because of the vibration.

Last Question -How Long Can A Spider Live In A Car?

If your car has ample condition to sustain a spider, then it can spend its entire life inside your car. With ample condition, we mean that there is organic waste like food droppings and other stuff. Spider species that infest homes and cars have a lifespan of 1 to 3 years and they can be spawning more spiders. So, you have to get rid of them on time. 

How To Get Spiders Out Of Your Car?

In this article, you’ll surely know some ways to get rid of spiders in your car in a step-by-step guide.

1. Clean Spider Attractants Like Food Waste By Decluttering And Vacuuming The Car:

One of the best solutions for getting rid of spiders is vacuum cleaning your car regularly. You need to remove every lying thing if needed and vacuum your car, and it will surely remove most of the adult ones, spider eggs and baby spiders, and other bugs from your car.

Decluttering your car will reveal the inaccessible places where the spiders may hide and live in. One thing to remember is that mirrors are one of the top hidey holes for spiders, and it is a spot that often gets missed washing. So, clean them properly and remove any clutter and any unnecessary items from your car because spiders like to hide in dark and secluded spaces. And most importantly, vacuuming your car once in two weeks keeps the spiders away. It will be pulling them out from their hiding places and cleaning the organic waste as well.

2. By Sealing Gaps And Cracks You Can Stop Sneaking The Spiders:

In cooler weather, spiders always look for shelter. And your cars are the perfect as well as a safe place for them. Spiders mainly sneak into your cars through the holes and openings. It is easy for them to find places to make hideaways within your vehicle, where the places are damp and warm.

Spiders are great crawlers. Cars are a great place for spiders to hide and breed. Cars provide warmth and dryness that give the spiders an ideal survival condition. They even find their way inside your side-view mirrors. You have to seal them with a good sealing applicator. 

In your car, there will be some cracks and hidden inaccessible holes that spiders can use to get into your car. You need to find those out and seal them. It is the most important step after vacuum cleaning to get rid of all the spiders from your car.

3. Kill Spiders By Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth In The Gaps:

Diatomaceous earth is a useful spider killer. After a good vacuum cleaning, there may be some spiders left in your car. So, this step will help you to kill them all.

We all know that moisture and being hydrated keep the spider alive. Actually, spiders have some moisture locked in their bodies. The moisture is important to keep them alive, and diatomaceous dries up their moisture and eventually kills them. You have to sprinkle some diatomaceous earth and then close the car doors. If they’re in the car, leave it for an hour, and you will finally see the results. Now, again vacuum clean the car to remove the diatomaceous earth, and the final work here is to remove dead spider and spider web.

4. Use Chlorine Oxide Enabled Car Odor Eliminators To Kill Spiders:

Another ingenious way of getting rid of spiders from your car is to use a chlorine oxide-enabled car odor eliminator, also known as a chlorine bomb for spiders. Some people call it a chlorine bomb because it spreads gas just like any other car bug bomb. A “chlorine bomb.” is a package of chlorine that can help get rid of spiders very quickly.

But, the chlorine smell should be strong enough to kill the spiders in your vehicle. The bombs are usually a gas that spreads into every corner of the car, including places, and kills the spiders.

Note: Direct sunlight warms up the car, which will make the bomb ineffective. So, you must keep your car in a cold place while using it.

5. You can use - Citrus Essential Oil To Repel Spiders Living Inside Your Car:

Now, the very important step comes; use essential oil to prevent spiders. Essential oils are a great option as a spider repellent. Moreover, Essential oil is a nontoxic helpful way to prevent spiders in your cars. And the best essential oil to get rid of spiders is citrus oil for spiders.

First, you have to mix the spray with oil and water. Then spray it in your car. Especially, you need to spray into the hard-to-reach corners where the spiders can hide. The places are like window reels and the backside of your car and under the seats, air vent, and ceiling corners. To prevent spiders from coming through the air vents, back area, window, fill the vents with oil.

Besides this, you can tuck a few pieces of lemon peel between the entrance areas. This odor will make your vehicle smell good and refreshing, as well as it will keep the spiders away from making their home in your vehicle. Spiders hate the smell of the odor, and they’ll get out of your car as soon as your spray it.

6. White Vinegar Is Great To Repel Spiders From Your Car:

White vinegar is another great way to get rid of spiders. Spiders hate white vinegar because of its acetic smell. To get rid of them, mix two ounces of vinegar with one ounce of water in 3-4 different cups and then spray it all over in your car.  Vinegar's acidic smell will repel the spiders for sure.

Alternatively, soak some pieces of cotton ball in this liquid mixture and keep them inside your car at different places. That helps repel the spiders from your car too.

7. Use Spider Traps To Catch And Kill Them:

Traps are good for catching them overnight. Some spiders like the black widow, yellow sac, hobo, and brown recluse spider are very hard to kill by repelling like lemon peel. Spiders are hard to catch, and they are quite good in hiding. They are very hard to spot.

Spider traps come in very handy while catching them or killing them. You can easily catch them and kill them by setting some traps inside your car. The spider traps are sticky and lure the spiders out of hiding. Once the spider steps on it, they stick on this sticky trap. You can buy this trap or can make it yourself at home. For your kind information, spider traps are also known as spider killers.

8. Use surface spray:

Spiders will lay eggs in your car, and it will make the quantity more dangerous. If you keep your car unused for a long time, you just need to sort to surface spray. You have to use this in particular areas where they can be hiding and get rid of them.

9. Catching Spiders


This is an underrated method since the fumes of the toxic insecticides could be harmful to you, and it can make your vehicle unusable for some time. But, fumigation is a quick way to get rid of all sorts of spiders from your car. 


Always keep the interior lights off because the spiders are attracted to light. If you ever notice an infestation, you should turn off your lights as soon as possible. Moreover, You need to turn off your headlights as soon as you park your car somewhere. 

Last words:

In this step-by-step writing, we already discussed how to get rid of spiders in your car naturally. Ensure that when spiders are gone and dead by following the steps we gave you, there's no scope for infesting any kind of bugs such as cockroaches, ants, or further. And, keeping spiders away from your car is the best way to nullify the chances of spider re-infestation.

We recommend keeping your car clean from organic wastes and food droppings. Lastly, be safe and keep your car clean, and no way for any kind of bugs.