Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD2 Scanner Review

Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD2 Scanner Review Explaining With Its Feature and Benefit

The automobile business is always evolving. There have been several modifications and smart inventions in the automobile sector that surprise the world. Invention of OBD II (On-board diagnostics) is one of them. It simplifies the self-diagnostic system of the car and other vehicles. One can know the car temperature, road speed, engine RPM, and even engine fault from using OBD2 enabled devices. Here in the writing, we will talk about a device like we discussed above called Autel autoLink OBD2 scanner.

The main focus of this writing is to give you a Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD2 scanner review with full in and out details, so that anyone can purchase and use this for their work.

Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD2 Scanner Review Explaining With Its Feature and Benefit

Autel offered excellent automotive intelligent diagnostics, products, and services to more than 50 countries and regions. They try to make vehicle repairs simple, efficient, exact, and cost-effective. Autel aims to provide true and long-lasting value by offering high-quality products that are inexpensive and accessible to everybody, regardless of class or generation.

And, AL319 is their most successful product with good customer reviews and feedback. It is considered as the best automotive engine fault code reader.

But, why?

 We will check it’s detailed features, benefits, and application to understand it. Let's see the best features and benefits of this product.

1. Easy To Use Engine Fault Code Reader :

It is mainly used as an engine fault code reader for your car or any vehicles.

But, How does it work?

This auto diagnostic tool has the ability to read diagnostic trouble codes(DTCs) and also show Live Data. In addition, the scanner is capable of freezing frame, I/M Readiness and such other functions to determine the main reason behind the CEL(Check Engine Light). And, If necessary, cut it off to analyze the problem and find the source of the malfunction.

Moreover, this device provides fast response to clear diagnostic problem codes, which will reset the displays and view the monitors to confirm that they have reset correctly.

Engine Fault Code Reader

In addition, the bright display will provide you with up-to-date information regarding the displays that are easy to understand. This tool will undoubtedly assist with any post-repair road test. So, you can save your money on unneeded repairs. 

Moreover, you do not need to go to the car repair center, just stay home and check the status of your car engine. Isn’t that easy??

2. Heavy Duty Case Allow It To Serve In All Condition :

The Autel AL319 has been packaged with a strong, durable plastic case since its introduction to the market. It is also ensuring that it can function in harsh circumstances without being damaged or even destroyed.

This device is able to read all OBD II-equipped automobiles, as well as inform you of the code and its meaning in toughest conditions.

3. All In One Device :

If you're looking for a compact but powerful scanner, the AL319 is a great choice. It can easily read and help you to solve your problem. It clears error codes, freezes data, lives data, reads vehicle information, and checks I/M readiness.

The best thing is that the handy device is a plug-and-play scanner. So, you only have to plug it in, and this device does the rest.

4. User-Friendly Interface :

As a result, the AL319 includes many unique features, including three-color indications, a TFT color display, and a proprietary One-Click I/M Readiness. It's crucial that you don't have to rummage through the menus to discover the function. Instead, it's as easy as clicking a button!

User-Friendly Interface
It was created for those like general people, who have no understanding of vehicle diagnostics or other fundamental automotive expertise.

It doesn't matter whether you reside in Europe, Asia, Span, German, or the United States; They've translated the interface menu and DTC descriptions into seven languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Polish, and Italian. 

5. Cover All Popular Vehicle :

They have an easy-to-access helpline too. If you have any questions regarding the manufacturers or models, don't hesitate to get in touch with them at any time with any information such as a photo of your vehicle. They will assist you in figuring it out.

6. Lifetime Free Update :

The AL319 featured the OBD to support you in working with emission-related issues. They understand your concerns. So, don't worry, they'll adhere to the previous rules: 30 days of free refund, 12-month QA, and lifetime updates!

You will not only get a simple, convenient scanner at the lowest possible price, but also they provide considerate customer care that comes with it for free. Their customer support never makes you feel alone.


  • 1. The easy-to-read color screen, loud tones, and rapid access to readiness monitors were all pleasant surprises.
  • 2. is scan tool is for rapid access to diagnostic problem codes and readiness monitors.
  • 3. The fast access functions are user-friendly.
  • 4. There are no batteries required.
  • 5.Easy plug-and-play system.


  • 1. There have been reports of this OBD2 not updating. We've never had this problem with this scanner.

Who should buy it?

It is a strong, durable scanner. Moreover, it is an easy-to-use and plug-and-play scanner.

If anyone is looking for an automotive engine fault code reader at an affordable price can buy it.

What is OBD2 and Why Should We Use OBD2 Instead Of OBD1?

Why Should We Use OBD2 Instead Of OBD1

OBD2 or On-Board Diagnostics II is a diagnostic system that is included in all vehicles manufactured after 1996. It's used to test the engine and other vehicle systems and communicate any problems that arise. This guarantees that a single device can read results from a variety of various brands and models all around the world using a single universal connection.

You or your mechanic can easily access car data with an OBD2 scanner. The scanner is small enough to fit in your hand. It may display important information like your vehicle's VIN once it's connected to your automobile and the speed, fuel economy, and engine RPM of your car.

OBD2 is a more advanced technology than OBD1. As a result, OBD2 provides improved and more standardized vehicle protocols and data from system inspections. In addition, OBD1 requires a wired connection; however, OBD2 may be linked wirelessly via Bluetooth or wifi. Because of its greater compatibility, OBD2 is more ubiquitous and trustworthy than OBD1.

Final Verdict

For the ordinary user, this Autel AutoLink AL319 is a fantastic and cheap scanner tool. When that pesky Check Engine Light comes on, the speed and simplicity of this OBD2 tool will make your life easier. Do you want to know if your car will pass an emissions test? You'll know with a single click of the Autolink AL319.

Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD2 Scanner Review 1

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