Jocasta Professional Salon Spa Facial Steamer With Ozone Review

Are you looking for a professional spa-grade quality facial steamer? Then it is our commitment to give you the #1 facial steamer – Icarus Jocasta Professional Salon Spa Facial Steamer. Actually, it is one of the finest spa type facial steamers which will give you the feeling of SPA or Salon at home. Let’s check Jocasta professional salon spa facial steamer with ozone review for better understanding.

Jocasta professional salon spa facial steamer with ozone review - Features

icarus "jocasta" professional salon spa facial steamer with ozone

Deep clean with disinfection surety:

The most effective features of Jocasta professional salon spa facial steamer is that it will professionally sterilize your skin and provide a deep clean as well. Most facial steam will give you deep clean but having a safety feature like sterilization is definitely a really good idea. Actually, our first concern should be given to the skin safety rather than deep cleaning and if we can find two features in the same product then it is awesome.

Improve your blood circulation:

Its professional quality will improve your blood circulation. You will get improved skin and your skin tone will become much more even.

Strong and Durable:

It is made with high-density materials which make it strong, durable and merge the maintenance cost. It is also user-friendly.

Ozone and oxygen ionic vapor:

It creates steam containing Oxygen ionic vapor which is very efficient in deep cleaning and sterilizes your skin up to 30 inches more importantly. For an enhanced experience, you may use the Ozone function also.

Auto shut-off function:

It comes up with auto shut-off function which improves its portability. When water level on the device gets low, the device will shut down automatically. It will make the machine safe and most importantly gives you healthy steam.

Adjustable Arm:

The adjustable arm is of the main features of this steamer.

Twist-able Arm

It makes the steamer more comfortable to use. Its adjustable arm can easily move around your face and gives you proper steam.


  • Adjustable height: 32″ to 41″
  • Base: 21″ x 21″
  • Steamer arm: 16″
  • Overall height: 47″
  • Jar Capacity: 56 oz (1.7 L)
  • Run Time: 30 mins
  • *NOTE: Do NOT put oil in steamer jar*
  • Some assembly is required.
  • Overall height: 47″

Extra feature:

  • Ozone feature.
  • Separate Ozone Switch.
  • Auto Shut-Off function.
  • Twist-able Arm.


  • High-Density Materials makes it strong, durable and saving the maintenance cost also.
  • Its steam contains oxygen ionic vapor which is very effective in deep cleaning and sterilizing
  • The adjustable arm is very effective for his adjust ability and makes it comfortable to use
  • It's auto shut-off feature makes the device safe and gives healthy steam.
  • Ozone function gives enhanced experience.


  • We cannot use aromatherapy with that.
  • Inability to use oil is also an annoying feature

Who this product best for

Actually, it is made for the users who are interested to feel the professional felling in the house without going to the SPA or Salon

It can be also used in SPA

Final verdict

Actually, you have to decide whether you are looking for a steamer of cost $30 to 40$ or this one. It mainly depends on your need. If you want to get the professional feeling, Jocasta professional salon spa facial steamer is best suitable for you and see how it magically change your skin as well as life. And please share your thought on Jocasta professional salon spa facial steamer with ozone review in the comment section and like and share if you find it interesting.

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