How To Negotiate A Better Sound System When Leasing A Car

Negotiate A Better Sound System When Leasing A Car

You’ve had your eye on leasing a Mercedes G63 Squared for a while. There’s so much to love about it, especially with how comfortable it is to ride in. You’re ready to go ahead with the lease, but then you stop to consider the sound system.

It’s important to you that you have excellent equipment to listen to music with as you drive around in your Mercedes G63 squared. But how can you get a better sound system if you are leasing rather than buying, since it technically is still owned by the car dealership? We’re here to help you with those negotiations.

You Need to Negotiate the Upgrades Up Front

This is not a situation where you would have the upgrades done first and then apologize later. If you bring a modified car back to your dealer when your lease is up, you could wind up having to pay a hefty fine. So, you need to talk about it when you are first sitting there in the car salesperson’s office.

Doing this will open the door to you getting permission to get a better sound system with your car lease. This conversation will enable the two of you - possibly more if you need to get the management involved - to be on the same page from the very get-go.

Also, see if they have any upgrades available. They may have the option to upgrade the sound system to a certain model that could meet your specifications, much like they offer things like heated seats. If not, you might have to order the sound system and wait for it to arrive before the installation.

What Could Help Your Approval Chances?

Are you a regular at this dealership and they know you well as a customer? Have you leased a number of their vehicles before? If you are a known quantity, then they might be willing to negotiate things with you.

Also, you might find that if you are willing to take on a higher payment per month, then they might be inclined to grant you that better sound system despite it only being a lease rather than a purchase.  

What Kind of Modifications Can I Make?

When it comes to making changes to your vehicle, there are some accepted things, like getting new tires, getting a removable tow bar and getting a vinyl wrap - that is fairly easy to get removed with no damage to the paint job.

Would a better sound system be available for a leased car? That’s going to be largely up to the individual dealership. They are going to have to weigh the options, since they are going to possibly have to auction it off after the lease is up, and having that higher-end sound system might be able to make it more enticing to a potential buyer.  

See How Long the Modifications Will Take

You will likely be anxious to drive your Mercedes G63 Squared as soon as you possibly can. Getting a new sound system can extend your wait time, which can make you reevaluate how much you need to have this addition. Are you that much of an audiophile?

There are a couple of reasons for the delay. As mentioned before, you might have to wait for the sound system to be delivered. The other is how long it might take to install the system once it does arrive. Take those into consideration.

It might not be a guarantee that you can get a better sound system from a place that does a car stereo installation, but you will still have a great time driving your Mercedes G63 Squared. That will help you enjoy your sound system.  

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