How to use facial steamer-Ultimate Guide

Facial steaming is one of the newest techniques to clean the face. A facial steamer can make the skin both clear and softer by reducing the signs of aging. Actually, SPA and other facial treatment center give us the opportunity of facial steaming but it is expensive. So many people cannot afford to go to SPA every week. But they can use facial steamer at home. And if they would like to give themselves SPA quality facial streaming at home they need to flow some steps. Here in the article, we give a complete guide on how to use facial steamer.

How to use facial steamer - Complete Guide

Prepare your skin:

To clean your pores you have to prepare your skin. It will surely give you a better result. First wash your face with face wash or cleanser to remove the dirt, oil or makeup from the surface of the skin. Afterward, use a gentle face scrub to get rid of dead skin cells to avoid clogging your pores.

Fill it up with water:

facial steamer deep cleasing

First, you have to read the guideline and instructions of your facial streamer to measure the correct amount of water(Measurement of the water vary from model to model or brand to brand).

Plugging and heating the water:

Facial steamer uses two systems to run such as some brands use inbuilt rechargeable battery or some brands use direct electrical power. If it uses a battery, first confirms that it is fully charged or in the case of direct current, please plug the device into a safe electric circuit. Heating takes about three to five minutes depending on the particular model or brand.

Break a Sweat:

You just need to rest your face on the top of the device. The steam will come out from the device and bathe your face. According to the manufacturer instructions, steam your face for a minimum of five minutes to a maximum of thirty minutes. Make sure to keep your face 5-10 inches away from the streamer.

Clean and use moisturizer:

When the streaming process is over, just stop the streamer. Then wipe your face with a soft towel to clean the loose dirt from your pores. For better result, you can use a facial mask and moisturizer afterward.

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Be Safe

Safety is one of the important considerations during facial steaming. One can follow some instructions to safe. Please read the instructions from below.

  1. Some of the facial steamers also come with safety functionality. You should buy those facial steamers which assure your safety. Please try to make a safe distance while using the facial steamer. Or it will burn your face.
  2. You can take a break to see how your skin is reacting at the time of steaming. If you have skin problems like acne, blackheads, dry skin or other skin problems, you should consult with skin care specialist or dermatologist.
  3.  Please remember to wash your facial steamer after and before each use so that harmful bacteria don’t grow inside the chamber.

Is it good to take steam on the face every day?

No. Do not take steam on your face every day. You can use facial steaming two times per week maximum.

Final Words

You can get a lot of benefits from facial steaming. But you have to know - how to use facial steamer? If you can follow these steps fully, then you will get maximum benefits. We will update this writing regularly and try to give important tips each time. So stay with us for those updates or you can contact us.

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