How To Fix Digital Piano keys

How to fix digital piano keys

If you are a real piano lover?

You will agree with me If I say:

The sound of the piano is the most pleasant thing for you in the entire world. 

I am a happy owner of a Yamaha digital piano, and I love to play with it most of my past times. In one evening, I was playing with my piano, and suddenly I experienced a problem with some of the keys. That time, I was very upset and I called the local Yamaha service center, and they told me that it would cost around $20 to replace a single key. And this is too expensive for me. Actually, this can be a huge expense for anyone if you have four to five keys are not working. That’s why, I decided to fix my digital piano keys on my own.

“Sharing is Caring” has always been the moto of PickYourBestOne and that’s why here I am going to share my experience on how to fix digital piano keys.

How to fix digital piano keys : A step by step guide

​Usually, digital piano keys has two types of common problems such as

  • Sticky keys and
  • Broken keys

Most of the digital piano nowadays come with plastic keys, so here my main focus will on fixing the above describes problems for digital piano keys(plastic).

How to fix a broken key on a digital piano?

I have experienced this problem several times on my one. I was able to fix my keyboard broken keys on my own with some available tools in my house. So here I am going to discuss step by step about fixing broken key of digital piano so that you can fix it on your own.So, here is what I did?

 how to fix a piano key that won't play

Step 1:

We will need some necessary tools to fix broken keys of the digital piano such as,

  • Screwdriver.
  • Knife.
  • Fast glue.

Step 2:

After collecting this needed tools, now it’s time to remove the screws. To remove the screws first, place the piano on a flat surface or rubber pad(if available). After placing this, flip it so that the bottom is upwards. Now remove every single screw through the screwdriver.

Hey, wait I have a warning for you, keep all the screw in one place and don’t lose one. You can use a magnet to store screws perfectly.

Step 3:

You have successfully removed all the screws.

So what next?  

Now turn it carefully so that keys are facing you again, then open the cover.

Step 4: 

Place the screwdriver below at the end point of the broken key and press the knife a little down beside the broken key. After that, lift the broken key through the screwdriver so that broken key popup and get loose.

Step 5:

Now press the broken key so that you can see which hammer is connected to it, then hold down the broken key hammer with your finger.

Step 6: 

It’s time to press the broken key on both sides and pull and lift the end of the broken key until it jumps off. Be careful, the key shouldn’t break.

Step 7: 

We have successfully unattached the broken key, so it’s time to start repairing the broken key.

We will fix this broken key with the fast glue. First, remove the broken part of the key then glue it, after that rejoin the parts of the broken key. While using glue, you have to make sure that glue is dried before putting back the repaired key in place.

Step 8: 

At this point, you have to sure about that spring is working properly and placed at the correct place before putting the repaired key back in the place.

Step 9: 

Now, secure the spring in the key by holding it through your hand then put the key back in the place.

Step 10: 

Before pushing the end of the key back in place carefully hold down the hammer for the key and hold down the repaired end of the key.

Step 11: 

Now, close the cover and flip the keyboard so that bottom of the keyboard is facing you. After that, place all the screw in place again.

Congratulation you have successfully repaired the broken key of your digital piano.

So why are you waiting?  

Let’s start playing Fur Elise your digital piano.

How to fix stuck keys on a digital piano

How to fix stuck keys on a digital piano

The stuck key is another common problem of the digital piano. There are few reasons for stuck keys, but dust is the main culprit here. I have faced this problem with my digital piano several times but found a way to solve it.

So let’s discuss how I solved this problem so that you can solve your stuck key problem.

Step 1: Determine the material of the keys.

At first, you have to determine what is the material of your piano keys. Why? Because ebony black and white ivory keys need to clean with great care than plastic keys.

Step 2: Take necessary equipment.

Now, we have to take the necessary equipment.

So what will be my necessary equipment ?

  • A damp cloth and
  • A small amount of liquid of soap

Step 3: Clean dirty keys.

It’s time to clean the dirty keys with damp cloth and soap.

While cleaning the dirty keys, your grip must be firm, but rubbing must be light. Gently rub the dirty keys until they are completely clean. Then make them dry.

What if I have ivory keys? If you have ivory keys flow above steps and use ivory scrapper.

After flowing those above steps, I hope your stuck keys problem will be solved.

What if keys are still stuck?

If this happens check cleaning instruction for your specific brand, you can find cleaning instruction from their website.

Final words

Keys on the digital piano can cause improper sound problem. There are various types of digital piano available on the market, and thus each of them requires different instruction to follow. By flowing the above step by step guide and tips you can repair your digital piano keys. If you are still facing problem after flowing the above solutions, then let me know about that in the comment box below.

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