How to Photograph Light Painting With 5 Important FAQ

Did you ever think about how photographers capture the most wonderful and sometimes bizarre light images at night? The circular or spiral lights going across the background and subject of a photograph create astounding effects. But how do photographers bring such a fantasy into reality?

Photograph Light Painting

Well, the answer lies in the light painting photograph. Recently, photographers are gone mad to show their creativity using light painting. Hence, we thought about putting this article on how to photograph light painting for the enthusiast and experimental photographers.

So, are you ready to capture a jaw-dropping night light painting?

The Outcome of This Tutorial on How to Photograph Light Painting

At the end of this succinct tutorial, you will learn the following factors related to light painting photography.

  • Recommended device and tools
  • Camera setups
  • A right subject for light photography
  • Basics of light painting photography
  • Useful tips

Light Painting Photography Tools:

Light painting photography at night or in darkness is fun if you have the appropriate equipment and devices ready for it. Let’s take a look at the essential accessories for light photography.

The camera: It includes a DSLR with ‘Bulb’ and manual setting options.

A tripod: A sturdy and potent tripod is necessary on which you will have to position the camera.

Proper light source: You will also need a light source to create the lighting effect. For this, you may use led tubes, wireless flash, torch, or anything that will emit sufficient lights. But to get the best effect, we recommend you use a flashlight with color and size variations.

Cable and battery: You should also keep an electric wire with time nearby in case of necessity. Then, an extra battery will do a world’s better in case you need to replace the battery of the light source.

A dark environment: You can either shoot in a dark indoor or outside during the night.

The subject: Lastly, you should find a proper subject. For novice photographers, start with a smaller theme such as a vintage car or old barns are the best option.

Camera settings and initial setup

  • 1. Once you reach the shooting spot, position the camera on the tripod firmly, and make sure it doesn’t move.
  • 2. After turning on the camera, switch to its manual mode.
  • 3.Now set up the aperture at f/11 or lower than it, ISO at 100 and the shutter speed to anywhere between 10 to 30 seconds.
  • 4.After that, you will require to fix the White Balance depending on the light source. However, most expert photographers
  • 5.After that, you will require to fix the White Balance depending on the light source. However, most expert photographers .

Let’s start light painting photoshoot

Once you are ready with DSLR settings and subjects, its’ time to do some photography.

  • 1. Before using the additional light source, take one or two test shots of your subject to ensure proper natural light exposure.
  • 2. Once you are ready with optimal exposure, now move on to the shutter speed to keep it on 30 seconds or above.
  • 3. Now, use the cable trigger to release the shutter lock.
  • 4. Now turn on your flashlight or whatever light source you have, create the image you want to capture, and let the camera do the rest.
  • 5. However, you must ensure that you remain at the back of the camera. Also, ensure not to stay too close to the subject. Otherwise, your ardent effort will result in a few hours of bad photography.
  • 6. However, as you create the lighting effect, remember the following two factors.
  • If you want a sharp image and less spread light, place the light source closer to the subject.
  • For smooth, even images and widespread lighting effect, position the source further back from the subject.
  • 7. If you wish to get a perfect lighting photography image, outline the light frame so that your friends or assistance know-how and where to focus the light and also move it accordingly.
Now that you are ready with your first light painting image, it’s time to scrutinize it. See if the exposure, overall image quality, and the subject is clearly visible. Also, check if there’s any distortion in the image. If you find anything unsatisfactory, you may think about taking a new photograph.

For novice photographers, this trial and error learning procedure is exceptionally crucial.

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FAQ -  Light, Painting and Photography

What do you use for light painting photography?

If you want to light create light painting photography, you will need a DSLR or camera, a subject, light sources such as a LED tube light, or flashlight, a tripod, and a remote sensor to control the camera shutter and shake.

How do you photograph a painting?

If you want to photograph a painting at first, place it on a wall. Now put light upon it or use a flashlight to create the lighting effect. Then choose the proper camera aperture, shutter speed, and ISO before clicking the photograph.

Lastly, when you are satisfied with everything, take your 1st photograph and see whether everything is okay or not. If not, then adjust the camera and light settings accordingly and retake photos until you get your desired result.  

What is the light paining mode?

In general, light painting is an advanced technique to take pictures with different artificial lighting modes. In light painting mode, the light source remains moving while the camera is placed on a tripod with long shutter exposure to take a picture of a subject under inadequate illumination. Here, the artificial light source creates the imaging effect.

How do you make light painting tools?

There’re many light painting tools that you can make with DIY projects to create a visually engaging photograph. However, the most common light painting tool is a flashlight or torch. Fortunately, you can quickly get one in a nearby shop. Also, you can create a fairy LED light for such creative photography.

How do you make a light painting tube?

You can easily make a light painting tube using a cake collar. At first, make three even parts of the cake collar from the width with a ruler and cutter. Then use a transparent tape to connect the three parts one after another. Lastly, roll the connected cake collar on a tube and then stick a small piece of transparent tape on the collar one again.  That’s it.

How do you light paint using a phone?

Your smartphone can be used in two different ways to create light painting photography. You can sue the phone flashlight to create the lighting effect. Or, if you have a good camera phone, you can use it to take a photograph instead of using a professional camera.

Wrap up

Light painting photography is a unique way to showcase your innovative mind and create something special out of nothing. Once you understand the art, you can turn a simple image into a historical masterpiece.

For beginners, there’s nothing to worry about since the lighting photography tricks aren’t something out of this world. These are convenient and straightforward. With a few easy steps and trials, you will get an overwhelming light paint photography.

So, what about giving it a try?

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