Can A Locksmith Make A Car Key Without The Original?

Can A Locksmith Make A Car Key Without The Original

The car's key is probably the most important thing for a car owner, as, without it, you lose access to the car. So, it’s important to get a replacement key as soon as possible if you lose the key.

When you lose the original car key, you would want a replacement ASAP. However, the most important question here is, “Who can make a car key without the original?" Every time you think about it, the locksmith’s image pops up in your mind.

But can a locksmith make a car key without the original?

Yes, an expert locksmith can create a new car key for you. However, for this, you need to help the locksmith with a few key facts about the car key. It might include the model of your car, how the key looked, etc. Also, you have to prove the ownership of the car.

In this article, I will discuss what you should do when you lose the original car key and the procedures to follow to get a new one from the automotive locksmith.

Can A Locksmith Make A Key Without The Original?

The answer is yes. Nonetheless, you need to follow some important steps and processes to get the replacement key ASAP. You should go through the following guidelines to know about these steps to get the replacement key fast.

How Do Locksmiths Make Keys without The Original?

How Do Locksmiths Make Keys without The Original

Locksmiths can create keys for cars without the primary key by utilizing one or more processes:

  1. Forming keys from a code.
  2. Scoping the lock cylinders to understand the measurements.
  3. Disassembling/decoding a cylinder or by impressioning a key.

Here's how you should act when you don't have the original key and need a new one.

1. Gather your information to verify your ownership

When you lose your original key, the first thing you need to do is gather some important information and documents. This information is crucial for verifying ownership and making a new one. To acquire a replacement of your lost car key from a locksmith, you'll need the following data:

  • Model of the vehicle
  • Type of the vehicle
  • Manufacturing time
  • Automobile certification
  • Type of key you need

Vehicle identification number (VIN)

You will need all the data to prove your ownership of the car. Alternatively, you can use your car ownership certificate to prove your identity to the locksmith. Also, these data will help the locksmith know which type of car key you will need. So, it makes it easy for him to prepare the car key.

2. Understand What Sort of Car You Own When You Want a Car Key Made

When you have proved the car's ownership, you need to inform the locksmith about your car model and its manufacturing time.

If your vehicle was built before 1981, you could get a regular key at a locksmith or a tool store in unusual situations. More traditional cars usually don’t have specific mechanical parts, such as transponders or chips. So, it’s easy to get their replacement key.

Nonetheless, cars manufactured after 1981 usually have superior technology. A locksmith may require formulating a transponder key to get a new one for cars manufactured after 1981. Thus, we recommend you to visit an automotive locksmith or your car seller to get the replacement key.

3. Find an Automotive Locksmith 

Once you know your car model and its manufacturing date, you will release what type of key is necessary to regain access to the car. Thus, you should visit an automotive locksmith since they are experts at making car keys.

Automotive Locksmith

Alternatively, you can ask the seller to get the replacement key. You will need to show him your car purchasing documents for this. However, it can be costly since the seller will charge extra for the car key.

Moreover, you may ask the locksmith to create a new key using your car's ignition system. But, this method is also expensive as you need to pay the locksmith and all the essential parts he needs to create the key from scratch.

Costs of Replacing A Car Key

The cost of car key replacement depends on various factors. Firstly, it depends on the type of car you own. Secondly, it depends on the manufacturing time of the car. Usually, cars built before 1981 have a pretty regular key and are affordable. On the contrary, replacing the key of newer models of cars is hugely costly.

If you own a traditional vehicle, you can restore your automobile key for $3 to $7.

A brand-new key can be extra pricey if you own a more modern car with an automatic key or a different specific car key. Replacement of automobile keys with chips, transponders, or fobs can require up to $250, depending on your region and employment values.

Final Word

Dropping your automobile keys can be a very frustrating encounter. Not just do you have to move around without entering your car, but you have to decide how to get access to your vehicle. Usually, you have to get it from the seller or create a new key from the automotive locksmith.

When you have the ownership document for the car and know its model and manufacturing time, it becomes easy for you to inform the locksmith about it. Once the locksmith knows what type of car key you need, he can create and handover it over to you within a few hours. However, be careful not to lose the car key since it causes serious hassles.

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