Elite Dangerous Bounty Hunting Guide 2022

Are you new to Elite Dangerous (ED) and looking for a guideline on elite dangerous bounty hunting? Pick Your Best One is here to help you. We research a lot on it and find some effective ways to play it. Our Elite Dangerous Bounty Hunting Guide covers all the recent technique of game playing. It will help you to make huge profits from bounty hunting safely and success is guarantee.

Before going to the main guideline, you need to know some important topics regarding this. It will help you to understand the game well.

What is Elite Dangerous?:

Elite: Dangerous (ED) is a multiplayer space adventure video game that allows trading and combat simulation. And It is the fourth game of this ED series.

There are 6 main effective ways or roles in this game. That includes:

    • Trader
    • Miner
    • Explorer
    • Pirate
    • Mission Player and
    • Bounty Hunter

You can Learn more about this in bounty hunting in reddit.

Why it is best to choose bounty hunter?:

From the above 6 roles, we choose to cover bounty hunter for you. That is because bounty hunter is the most popular way to play this game. There are some reasons behind it. Let’s check those out.

  • Firstly, Bounty hunter is the easiest way to play ED as a beginner.
  • You can play it any area of this whole Milky Way Galaxy.
  • You can enjoy intense firefights with full-of-action game-play.
  • Lastly, you will gain huge profits in a short time.

For those reasons, we choose bounty hunting for you. Here we will share some valuable tips and guidelines on bounty hunting.

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Elite dangerous bounty hunting guide with tips:

Elite Dangerous Bounty Hunting guide

In the Milky Way Galaxy of ED, there are millions of murderer and pirates hugging around. The job of a bounty hunter is to omit those threats as much as they can to clean the society. You have to use all advanced tactics along with quick reflexes and wits to keep yourself alive in the game. That will ensure your position on top and put some extra cash in your pocket.

Choosing a perfect method is the key :

You have to keep in mind that your equipment choices will play an important role in this game. The possible equipment in this game-

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Game-pad etc.

You can go for any input method for game-play such as Keyboard+Mouse combo or just Game-pad method. Though it is easy to play with Game-pad, advanced setting in the keyboard can help you to play efficiently with the keyboard+Mouse method. Our suggestion is to use a gaming mouse and keyboard.

  • For an advanced setting, just go to the Main menu and look for “Options”.
  • Under the “Options menu” you will find “Controls menu”. Choose your preferred method, gameplay options, keyboard keys setup here.

But we always suggest to use Game-pad or joystick instead of the keyboard+mouse method. As Game-Pad or Joystick will allow you 360-degree adjustable control over the game.

You should select "Advanced Game-pad" under “Controls” option to enjoy the best gameplay from Game-pad.

Start with Training Mode :

It is not recommended to play the “Open Play Mode” directly. First, you should start with playing in the “Training area” to get used to the game, control options and so on. You should try to complete all the tutorials in the “Training area” to get yourself ready for the Solo Mode.

 N.B- “Advanced Combat” is very hard to beat. Do not frustrate if you can’t beat it.

Next, go for Solo Mode:

After complete the training tutorials, you will gain some confidence and control over this game and will fit for Solo Play mode. In solo play mode, you will get your starting ship -The Sidewinder. It is a weak ship having very low power shields, armor. But there is still some ways to bounty hinting. Follow the instructions of this video correctly.

N.B: Do not try “Open Play” mode directly. It is very hard to play and you may lose your interest in this game. Just stay with us. We will tell you when you can go to “Open Play”.

Is it the best time to go for Open Play and earn some real money?:

Solo mode offers a lot and you can earn a lot in bounty hunting. But we do not suggest beginners to play in open play mode. When you will be fully upgraded with the best equipment, then it will be better for you to pay in Open Play mode.

OK. Let's upgrade our equipment, take proper preparation and go for Open Play.

What we need to play in Open Play:


Preparation is the key to start bounty hunting in Open Play mode. The lesson you learn in Training mode and Solo Play will help you to do this. Just keep the basics right and start playing.

Combat Ships:

There are a huge variety of combat ships are available for bounty hunting. Combat ships have powerful weapons, great speed and High power shields. Please keep in mind that pilots may need to get in and out of the combat scenario rapidly in the open play. Thais is why We need to choose the best quality combat ships for open play. We discuss this in the later portion.


Freighter is a special kind of trader vehicles having lots of cargo space and intentioned to be flippant armed. You can choose those to carry over hundreds of cargo from station to station. Our recommended freighters are Lakon Type 6, Lakon Type 7, Adder, Hauler and the Liken Type 9.


If you are a beginner or just come from solo mode, it is better to use gimballed weapons. Gimballed weapons automatically can fix your aim and do the job for you. You need to have a great aiming skill to work with fixed weapons. But gimballed weapons are more expensive and cause less damage than fixed weapons.


The passenger class ships also are needed in the open play mode. These ships are large but have slow behemoths to pull massive amounts of tourist.

Choosing The Best Elite Dangerous Bounty Hunting Ships

Choosing elite dangerous bounty hunting ship entirely depends on your playing style. In Elite Dangerous there are fifteen ships available now.

Elite Dangerous Bounty Hunting Ships

When you start your journey with a solo mode, you will get Sidewinder as your first ship. As it is a low-quality ship, our suggestion is to get out of this. Yes, you can upgrade this ship but it will not sensible to spend your credit on that. You should accumulate your credits to buy quality ships. To get real combat performance, Viper Mk III and Cobra MK III will be the best choice. But if you have that much credits, please go for Cobra MK III.

Let’s check why Cobra is the best.

  • Cobra Mk III gives you more powerful shields and armor than Viper Mk III.
  • It can handle DiamonBack Explorer or Vulture those expensive and powerful ships with no support if you are a Skilled pilot.

NB: For your chosen weapons, you will need a power plant upgrade. Beside this Armor, Jump Range, Cargo Space should available in your ship.

Elite dangerous outfitting guide:

This section is very important for Combat and Professional either in a hazardous site or by a compromised nav beacon. In Bounty Hunting, a proper ship outfitting makes the main difference between your success and failure.

At this point, you have to be well prepared with quality weapons, armors and all proper tools. Without a good set of weapons, it will be very hard to play. But before adding any weapons, you should know the 3 basic ways of weapons accompanied - fixed, turreted and gimbaled. We already talk about fixed and gimbaled weapons.

  1. Fixed weapons are powerful and capable of firing instantly. But you need to position yourself for the right target.
  2. Our suggestion for beginners is to use gimbaled one as it does not need the best control and self-aimed.
  3. Gimballed Turreted weapons can target enemy with ease. Though fixed turreted weapons cause more damage it is nearly impossible to target Eagles and Vultures with that.

And you should add at least one plasma weapon or laser or some multi-cannons to your ship. Laser weapons can give you more energy than projectile weapons but you have to control heat and power level. But you should keep in mind that laser is best fitted for larger headpoints and multi canons on smaller ones and no special skills needed for this. They work greatly range up to 3000 meters.

But the special weapons like Rail Guns, Plasma Accelerators, and Fragmentation Cannons need more skill to play. But those ensure a high amount of damage in single bursts.

For other modules, power plant upgrade is recommended quickly to run other upgrades. Upgrades such as Max Shield and bulkhead upgrades is very good. Kill Warrant scanners ensures in making more money by finding more information on bounties. Beside this, Chaff launchers work greatly for defense.

Where to bounty hunt elite dangerous

When your ship is completely ready and upgraded, the next big challenge is to find the right place for bounty hunting. And to be a good bounty hunter, finding a good place is a must. 

Your normal hangout place will be around Nav Beacons, Resource Extraction sites and once in a while in Unidentified Signal Source.

Our recommended systems are HIP 20277 and Rose 847. You can search for those in the Galaxy Map and locate them. Those systems have High RES sites situated very near to their main docking station.

N.B: Our team play in those two stations and earn 5 and 3 million respectively.

Where and how to collect our Bounty Hunting Earnings?

Now, we are in the most interesting part. After all the hard work, it is your time to collect bounty hunting. And it is the easiest part of the ED. You can take this from any station but we recommend to take it from largest or main orbital station. As you can repair, refuel and restock your ship here.

After Docking process, pick the “Station Service” option and go to the “Contacts” page”. Here you can collect your Bounty earnings.

Final Verdict:

Elite dangerous bounty hunting is an exciting game and we can earn money from this. I think our elite dangerous bounty hunting guide covers everything about bounty hunting and will help you to increase your profit. Apologies in advance, if we mistake or forget anything. You can share your thought with us and feel free to ask questions. Happy Bounty Hunting.

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