How To Plan Your Tesla Model Y Accessories Budget

How To Plan Your Tesla Model Y Accessories Budget

Tesla Model Y is a perfect 5-seater SUV with a compact design. Its striking interior and added headspace make model Y a great car for family and friends. However, the basic version of Tesla Y is pretty simple that you would want to purchase accessories and enhance its functionality.

However, budgeting for the Tesla Y accessories can be problematic as they are costly. So, you must know how to plan your Tesla model Y accessories budget. It requires you to know what accessory to buy and what not.

Following it, we will discuss model Y’s most required and budget-friendly accessory list. Also, we will show the ways to cut costs on them as much as possible. So, stick with us if you have a Tesla Y SUV and plan to modify it for the best performance.

How To Plan For Your Tesla Model Y Accessories Budget

Model Y from Tesla is a budget SUV. It comes in a basic package. Hence, you must add a few accessories to upgrade its interior and exterior. It will also help you improve the car’s overall safety, which is a significant concern for the electric car.

Get a budget-friendly screen protector:

The main USP of the model Y is its fantastic screen. However, you must find a way to protect it from cracks and damage. It is crucial because replacing the damaged screen can be so costlier that it will cause you a severe headache.

Moreover, it protects the screen from your pets. Next, the screen protector will keep fingerprints and smudges away. It ensures the brilliant display looks stunning for an extended period. It also reduces the glare to uplift your viewing experience.

Budget: A good-quality protector will cost roughly $20 to $25. If you want an original one from Elon accessories or the best brand of Tesla Y accessories, be ready to spend more for it.

High-endurance Micro SD Card:

The cameras of Tesla Y continuously record the happenings around it. Hence, you need adequate memories to save all the Sentry Mode, aka, dashcam footage. We understand that going for an SSD card to keep a record of the camera footage safely is tempting.

However, you should choose high-endurance micro-SD cards for long-term benefits. Yes, it may seem slightly higher than the SSD cards. However, this micro-SD card is a go-top option with almost 5X to 10X more space and extreme endurance to use for an extended period.

For instance, Samsung SSD is rated at 15o TBW (Terabytes), whereas the Pro Endurance Card from Samsung has a 5000W TBW rating. So you can buy only one storage card. In long-term usage, it will turn out beneficial for you. Also, high-endurance cards are made to go through extreme conditions, which is ideal for Tesla models.

Budget: You can get high-endurance memory cards for $15 to $25, depending on your chosen brand.

Adding floor mats:

The floor mat of Tesla Y is too simple. So, changing it to a newer one becomes mandatory as soon as you get the car. However, you can spend less on it. Instead, you can invest in a Tasmanian floor mat and quickly transform the interior.

You can get the front and passenger seat mat with the complete package. Also, these floor mats are budget-friendly. The mats will also protect the floor during wet and cold seasons.

Budget: You will need to pay $256.99 for the incredible floor mats. It’s worth the investment for its look and fantastic feel.

Get pedal covers too:

When you change the stock floor mats of Tesla Y, the stock pedals won’t match with it. As a result, it will not look fascinating. Choose the newer pedal covers to match the Tasmanian floor mats. It will also improve the grip on the pedals and enhance performance and reliability.

Budget: The performance pedals for model Y are gettable at $10 to $20. It won’t cut your pocket.

Console wrap:

Previously the console wrap of Tesla Y had a black piano finish. Although it looks cool, you can the look by replacing it with a matt black finish. It is crucial because the piano’s black finish is prone to fingerprints. So, it becomes dirty soon.

Hence, picking the best console wrap will improve the look of your Tesla Y interior without being too fingerprint magnetic. It helps you keep the car interior cleaner.

Budget: The console wrap of your Tesla Y is highly affordable. You may choose one at around $30, which is incredibly reasonable.

License plate holder:

Getting a removable license plate holder will be helpful for those who love adventures and taking photos frequently in front of their Tesla Y. Yes, you can get a removable number plate and attach it to the Tesla Y.

Moreover, the license plate holder will have no glues and adhesives. It won’t cause any sticky look on the car front.

Budget: You can customize the license number plat at $20 to $50 from dealers or local mechanics. Isn’t it amazing?


Budgeting for your Tesla Y accessories is a tricky job. Hence, we recommend the top accessories you can get at affordable pricing for Tesla Y models. You can upgrade these stock items to the desired one for less than $500. So, it should fit your budget with ease.

No doubt, Tesla Y is an outstanding electric car. However, its stock package has a simple interior. With our suggests, you can start to plan your Tesla Y model accessories budget confidently. It will improve the security and driving experience of the fantastic 5-seater car superbly.

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