Trswyop Portable Power Bank Review – 13800mAh Super Fast

Nowadays, people are more dependable on electrical devices and equipment such as smartphone, digital camera, smartwatch and so on. The power source of those devices is mainly the battery and most of the cases it can be limited to a certain. And there comes the portable power bank to resolve the issue. It brings new life to the electronics devices. And that’s why the popularity is increasing handsomely. Here in this content, we gonna review a branded and cheaper portable power bank titled - “Trswyop portable power bank review” for you. 

What is a portable power bank?

A portable power bank is a kind device which stores power in the batteries and that can be carried in any other places. Most of the common power bank has two USB ports - one is used to charge the power bank and other is used to output the charge to the electronic devices.

In-Depth Trswyop Portable Power Bank Review With Features

Trswyop Portable Power Bank Review

Ultra Compact Device With Stylish Design:

Trswyop 13800mAh is a small and compact designed portable power bank. It weighs just 180g and size is 0.96''x2.47''x3.57'' so that you can carry it to your pocket easily. 

The design is very unique and smart as well. The combination of mate black finish and LCD display make it one of the best-designed power banks for sure.

LCD Display and Red Percentage Indicator:

It comes with an LCD display. Very few portable power banks have this option available and it is a stylish and useful feature as well. This display shows the overall battery percentage. So, you can determine when to charge the power bank and when to not. 

Besides this, it includes a red percentage indicator to tell you that you need to charge the power bank now.

High-Speed Charging and Output Capability:

It uses Power IQ technology which makes it one of the fastest possible chargers for any electrical device. It comes with dual Input Ports; one is 5 V / 2.1 A and another is 5 V / 1A output. If your device supports this - 5 V / 2.1 A, please use it as it will give 1.5X faster charging experience.

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Actual Capacity and Usage:

It is a 13800mAh power bank. You can charge your power bank within 7-8 hours; sounds good. So, you can charge a standard smartphone for 5 times or more. Our testing result shows -

You can charge your iPhone 8 for 4-5 times, Samsung Galaxy S8 for 3-4 times, and iPad Pro for 1-1.5 times. Definitely worthy power capacity for sure.

Safe Charging - Happy Charging:

This power bank has Intelligent power manage IC. It will protect your device from getting 

  • Over-charged
  • Short Circuit
  • Over-voltage
  • Over-Current
  • Over-discharged

It also has a UL certification which ensures a very Standards for Safety. Besides this, all the items are checked and tested by Artificial Responsibly and systematic professionally. So, don’t worry about safety; it gives you full support.

What you get from this package?:

Check what you will get from this -

  • One 13800mah portable power bank
  • One USB cable for charging
  • One User Manual
  • 24-month warranty Policy
  • 60-day money back Guarantee
  • Friendly and Professional Customer Care Service.

Final Words:

So far so good, it is one of the best portable power banks we have ever reviewed. If you compare the capacity with the price, it is a decent one. Now it is your turn, go and buy this power bank - if you don’t like it after buying, you can return it and will get the refund. So, don’t worry - keep buying, keep enjoying.

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