Elite Dangerous Federation Ranks – Best Guide Available

Elite dangerous is a popular simulation game for the space fight among game lovers. Across the internet, numerous gamer are fighting hard to upgrade their federation ranks. However, most are unaware of all the Elite Dangerous Federation Ranks and how to unlock each federation.

Elite Dangerous Federation Ranks

Today, we are going to reveal the secret of each Federation and ways to unlock them quickly.

Different Elite Dangerous Federation Ranks

Elite Dangerous has four primary rankings in their gameplay. A player can unlock them by participating in various activities and completing different missions on the galaxy. The four different federation ranks are-

1. Pilot Federation Ranks

A player begins as a ‘harmless’ and might upgrade himself to the position of ‘elite.’ Every player is a by-default part of this rank. One can participate in CQC, combat, trade and exploration to unlock each level.

2. Federal Navy Ranks

It has 14 by default ranks.  In fact, it is the mainstream Elite Dangerous federation ranking system.  Players with higher levels get access to restricted systems, exclusive ships and Federation missions.

3.Imperial Navy Ranking

Likewise, the Federal Navy, it has 14 different stages. Higher ranked players get permission to participate in Empire missions with access to restricted systems.

4. CQC Ranking

It is an independent combat game within the Elite Dangerous. A player can participate in it and achieve experience. It helps the players to unlock higher Pilot ranks.

In-depth Elite Dangerous Federation ranking

As we mentioned earlier, the mainstream ranking for the Elite Dangerous is the Federal Navy ranks, let’s have a look at the 14 different Federation ranking.

Ranking No

Name of the Rank

Ships Unlocked

Permitted System(s)







Player will get a Federal Dropship


Petty Officer

Unlocks Sol system


Chief Petty Officer

Assault Ship

Access to Beta Hydri and Vega systems


Warrant Office

Permission for PLX 695




Can get Ross 128



Permission for Exbuer


Lieutenant Commander



Hors system


Post Captain


Rear Admiral



Vice Admiral



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Different Ways to unlock rankings

  • Completing missions is the go-to way to unlock higher ranks.
  • Through accomplishing various activities as part of their Minor Faction. It takes a more extended period to open new levels.

Detecting individual Federation ranking

A player can see his ranking on the HUD panel. It is placed in the Reputation section right in your Status portion.  It shows the player name and his present rank. It also shows the percentage achieved for the next rank.

Once the ‘percentage bar’ reaches 100%, a player can complete navy missions to unlock the next Federation Ranking.  Until the game unlocks navy missions, a player can play the lower level non-navy missions.

Ways to find Navy Mission

It is displayed randomly beside the standard non-navy missions. However, players will require to have a ‘friendly’ state in the minor faction to be able to play navy missions. The mission name often starts with the phrase, ‘Federal Navy’ so it is easy to identify them.


1. Is there any shortcut way to queue up navy missions?

Yes, you can queue up for special navy missions once you reach 100%. To get special missions, swap between different ships you have. Keep switching your ships until the mission board shows you a Special Navy Mission. It might take 3-5 minutes.

2. Is there any way other than combat mission to upgrade ranking and percentage bar?

Well, you can deliver goods in different mission and bypass combats. However, it is a painstaking job, as you have to perform almost an identical job several times.


All players dream of reaching the admiral Rank. However, you can; do it overnight. Play with patience, look for scopes aka cheats and reach different levels.

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