How To Turn On A Flashlight In Ark (Our 5 Step Process)

how to turn on flashlight ark

Any game lover would know the intriguing game play of Ark: Survival Evolved. The game starts from an island named Ark with men women stranded in to and fighting to survive against enemies.

There are several ways that gamers can fight their way out of the island, but none comes close to the usefulness of Ark Flashlight with the weapon. It illuminates the enemy right on the spot allowing to shot decisively.

Despite such a baffling outcome of using the flashlight as a secondary alternative, the attachment isn’t straightforward at all. So, today we will discuss ​how to turn on flashlight ark.

Are you up for it?

A straightforward ​Way ​- ​How To Turn On A Flashlight In Ark

The Ark flashlight attachment is a handy tool in the Arm gameplay arsenal. While torches lose durability and efficiency quickly, the flashlight keeps ticking on and on throughout the game development stages.

Let’s see how you can turn on your favorite Flashlight Ark attachment during the game.

  • 1. ​At first, you will require to drag the flashlight attachment from the arsenal to your preferred weapon section.
  • 2. ​Now, also drag your already chosen weapon to the quick-slot spot for further processing.
  • 3.​Now you will need to select your pistol number. The pistol number you choose will then get attached to the Flashlight Ark. But this isn’t ready for the operation yet. You will need to turn on the flashlight to proceed into the gameplay.
  • 4.​To turn on the Ark Flashlight attachment, press the “N” button on your keyboard.
  • 5.​Alternatively, you can switch the “N” key with the game’s ‘Toggle Weapon Attachment’ for convenient use.

That’s all you require to perform to activate the flashlight and aim your enemy with better precision.

Unfortunately, the gameplay of Ark: Survival Evolved is designed in a way that every time you want to toggle between the weapons, equipment, tools, and whatsoever things, you will require to press the “N” button each time. This is somewhat disturbing for gamers.

So, we thought about an alternative way, and guess what? We came up with an effective option convenient for every gamer.

The alternative way to turn on the Ark Flashlight

If you don’t like pressing the “N” button too many times to switch between your weapons and other tools, you may choose the alternative. You can perform the switching between weapons using the reload key. You will need to double-tap it. Sounds easy, right?

The process for different gaming options follows as:

  • ​The reload key in the PC is the default “R” button.
  • ​In PS4, it is  button. (square button)
  • On XBOX, the reload button is “X.”
  • ​If you play Ark on Switch, you will need to press the “Y” key.

Advantages of using Ark Flashlight

Over time, it is seen that Ark gamers are more comfortable with their traditional torchlight to ply the game at night. Although torchlight illuminates a larger area, the flashlight isn’t very backward either. To speak the truth, playing Ark with a flashlight like J5 V1 Pro turned on gives players a unique advantage over others.

Some of the most apparent edges of using flashlight are:

  • 1. ​The flashlight is more durable than the regular torchlight.
  • 2. ​It focuses on a wider area. So, you can get a more unobstructed view of the lighted area.
  • 3.​Since it lightens up a wider area, it helps you to trace any movement in a broader space.
  • 4.The flashlight is brighter than the torch, which enables you to have a clear view of enemies and the localities.

Flashlight attachment requirements and applicable weapons

Although the flashlight attachment is handy, you can’t get and attach it in the first stage of Ark gameplay. The minimum requirements to be readily worthy to use the flashlight attachment are as followed:

Recipe level: 45

Engram points: 18

Once you achieve these two prerequisites, you can access the flashlight attachment in your arsenal. You can operate the enclosure with the following weapons-

  • 1. ​Simple Pistol
  • 2. ​Longneck Rifle
  • 3. ​Fabricated Pistol.
  • 4. ​Pump-Action Shotgun.
  • 5. ​Assault Rifle
  • 6. ​Fabricated Sniper Rifle

Final words

Once you have access to the brilliant Ark flashlight attachment and know how to turn it on, your gameplay will never be the same.

Turn on the flashlight, seek enemies, and headshot to Heaven. You will love how the flashlight attachment brings success to the entire gameplay allowing you to advance fast and for sure.

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