Does Car Insurance Cover Lawyer Fees – A Detailed Discussion

Does Car Insurance Cover Lawyer Fees

When you buy your automobile, it's expected that you will have car insurance for it. It is mandatory to have car insurance for your vehicle in most regions. Also, insurance is necessary to cover the physical or property losses due to collisions or accidents. The insurance will cover the payments for different things if you are unfortunately involved in accidents. It brings us to know the coverage for lawyer fees.

So, does car insurance cover lawyer fees?

The coverage for lawyer fees for car owners involved in accidents or damages is conditional. If you are sued for accident or property losses, a car insurance agency will cover your lawyer fees. On the other side, you will need to pay for the lawyer fees if you sue someone.

However, even these two different conditions might have exceptions. So, it’s time we get deep into the car insurance policies.

Does Car Insurance Cover Lawyer Fees?

When choosing car insurance policies, we keenly inspect what fees the insurance cover. It can be difficult to understand for general people since the policies are full of complex languages, rules, and laws. So, we often misunderstand what our car insurance fees will cover for our car. It even becomes complicated when it comes to lawyer fees.

So, here’s the main point for the lawyer fee coverage of car insurance.

If you are sued:

It is good news that your car insurance will cover the lawyer fees if someone sues you. If you are involved in accidents or property losses, and the property owner or other car sues you, car insurance will pay for your lawyer fees.

However, most car insurance will employ a lawyer to run your case. You won’t be able to hire the lawyer as you wish. If you hire your lawyer without consulting the car insurance provider, you may have to pay for him.

So, when you are sued, you should immediately consult the car insurance provider and ask them to hire a lawyer for you. They will hire and pay for the fees for the lawyer to fight for you in court.

Long story short, your auto insurance will help you cover the lawsuit fees. They will hire the attorney on your behalf and pay for it. If you win the lawsuit, they may even claim the cost of running the lawsuit and even pay for your losses.

If you sue someone:

When you are involved in accidents due to the fault of others and file a lawsuit against others, auto insurance won't help you. Yes, you have to pay the attorney when you sue someone. However, your car insurance provider may help you hire an attorney.

If you win the lawsuit, you can claim the legal fees from the party at fault. The auto insurance or the lawyer will help you settle and collect the legal fees.

Coverage Policy For Auto Insurance:

We have talked about the legal fees and their coverage from the car insurance provider. But what about property damage or bodily injuries involved in a car accident? Does your auto insurance cover these liabilities?

Liability coverage for bodily damages:

If you are involved in collisions or accidents, it is quite possible to face bodily damage. Also, the injured person will go through a lawsuit by the at-fault driver. Thus, it is important to know how much liability coverage your auto insurance will provide in these scenarios.

The liability coverage for physical damages and injuries includes the following ones:

  • Medical bills.
  • Lost expenses.
  • Any other expenses due to the injury.

Even if the other party involved in the collision files lawsuit against you, your auto insurance will hire and pay for the attorney. Nonetheless, if you are on the at-fault side, your auto insurance will cover the legal fees and claimed fines. It is a great benefit when you are involved in accidents.

Liability coverage for property damages:

When you are involved in any accidents, you might cause property damages. You might hit the roadside food carts or damage the other car involved in the collisions. Auto insurance will have multiple degrees of liability coverage when such scenarios happen. It includes:

  • Repair cost coverage for the other car.
  • Repair or maintenance cost of other properties.

These legal fees coverage for property damages are applicable even if you are the at-fault driver. So, having auto insurance for your vehicle will help you cover the physical and property damages and their liabilities due to collisions and accidents.

Things To Consider When Choosing Car Insurance:

Car Insurance

As the discussion above shows, auto insurance has varying levels of legal fees, property, and bodily damages. Thus, you must know how to settle the deals with the insurance company for your automobiles.

  • Read the terms and conditions of your car insurance thoroughly. You may hire an insurance expert for this. The expert will help you know the ins and outs of the insurance policies.
  • Discuss with the insurance provider to clearly know what type of property or physical damages and legal fees they will cover. It is important because you may get lost with the hundreds of articles and sub-articles within the insurance policies.
  • When you need legal support, you may hire an expert accident attorney. Accident attorneys are skilled in dealing with lawsuits for collisions and accidents. They will not only assist you in settling the deal with the driver or party at-fault but also with the insurance provider. So, it will save you from additional costs.


The detailed discussion shows that car insurance will help cover the lawyer and other legal fees only when you are sued. If you are involved in car accidents and are at fault, the insurance company will hire an attorney and pay for him to fight the lawsuit.

Nonetheless, the auto insurance provider won't pay the legal fees when you sue others involved in car accidents or property losses. You need to hire and pay for the accident attorney to sue someone else involved in the accident.

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