How Long Does LED Strip Lights Last – 5 Reasons Why?

How long does led strip lights last

LED strips provide a kind of pleasant light that is best for entertainment. It usually assembles many LED lights through a Surface Mount Technology (SMT) process on printed circuit boards (PCBs). Most LED strips lights tend to be much more affordable, and demand a longer lifespan. But, are these really long-lasting and serve the same quality across lifetime?

LED strips usually serve up to 50,000 hours which is equivalent to 7 years. But, its lifespan can be affected in many ways such as carelessness, excess heat, and dust. Gradually the adhesive of the strip decreases and the lifespan of the LED decreases with it. Why Do They Last So Long? Keep reading the whole article to know all this.

How Long Does LED Strip Lights Last?

LED light strip come with increased longevity. It can serve led lighting about 50,000 hours if we take care of it properly. However, the service of LED strip light is usually 30,000-400,000 hours minimum without proper care. And, that makes it a hot choice.

The reason it lasts for long is that it is not too hot while producing light and of course the great engineering behind it. Caring for anything makes it last longer. So, it should be kept clean and away from sunlight.

Why Do LED Lights Last So long – 5 Reasons?

Why Do LED Lights Last So long

LED lights are an energy saving alternative to fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs. LED bulbs last up to 20 times longer than traditional light bulbs, use less power, and produce more brightness and light per watt of power consumed.

You will be surprised to know the durability features of led strip lights. The manufacturers claim its usefulness and longevity too. Let’s check why it lasts long.

1. Low Heat:

The heat output of LED bulb is much lower than other bulbs. Excessive heat is harmful to any electric device. However, it absorbs fewer watts and generates less heat than other bulbs. That is why its lifespan is so long. As it is very small in size, its strip has a sync of numbers. The heat generated by this sink mixes with the environment easily. As a result, it is less likely to heat up and lasts longer.

2. Small Power Draw & Size:

LED lights are smaller in size and draw less electricity. Its longevity is way more than other light bulb as it uses less energy. And, as a result the components inside an LED light bulb don’t experience as much wear.

It is a popular choice for customers because of its low power draw. As a result of low energy consumption, the electricity bill is much less than other bulbs. It can withstand a lot of energy, so a normal power supply is less likely to make it worse.

3. Solid State:

The reason for the longevity of the LED strip bulb is its internal components and design. There is no gas inside, so there is no room for generating heat. It consists of a light semiconductor output device and diode which is the main light source of it. Here, in LED strips light, a relatively closed loop system is used. So, no energy or heat will be lost here.

Other bulbs such as halogen, incandescent bulb, and fluorescent bulbs contain gas which needs to be heated. And in the process of heating, the bulb gets destroyed or the average lifetime gets decreased significantly. Moreover, it does not have heat sin too.

4. Small In Size And Use Less Component:

LED lights are small in size and very light in weight. It is available in different sizes and colors. However, the common LED lights are 3mm, 5mm, and 8mm. The small size of this light ensures less heating and therefore lasts long.

The number of ingredients inside is limited and well manufactured. So, the internal design is very simple without complexity. Due to small size, there is very little junction here to create high junction temperature. And, that is why less power and heat is generated here.

5. Best Engineering:

LED strip lighting is a remarkable example of technology and engineering. This is a new revolution outside the conventional bulb. Every component which is used in it is perfectly made and tested. It consists of technology and functions like

  1. Power saving on board,
  2. Color temperature and rendering,
  3. Light output, heat reduction Feature,
  4. Lens,
  5. Led chip,
  6. Optic technology, and
  7. Eye safety.

So, its quality and durability is better than other bulbs. In a word, one of the best examples of best engineering. So, this extraordinary engineering helps it to last long.

Led Strip Lights Flickering And Its Effect In Lifespan

Led strip lights can be flashing for many reasons. Here are some of them:

1. Electricity Overloading Creates Twinkling Light

When the electricity on the LED strip is overloaded, its strips send a strong signal. Which then looks like a twinkling light or flashing. If you do not reduce the voltage, the strip will burn.

2. The Failing Power Supply

LED strips glow when electricity is normal. The failure of power supply sometimes creates flickering while lighting. There is nothing to fear. When the flow of electricity is normal, It will start lighting it again.

3. Electrical Short-circuits

Short-circuits can reduce the flow of electricity, so LED strips can be seen flashing light due to low voltage. This sudden voltage drop or increase can lead to strip burning. These can happen anytime and there is no such prevention to it. That’s why you should use high quality short-circuit preventive wire in your house wiring.

4. LED Strip Lights Cost and Flickering Effect

LED strips lights are fairly inexpensive, but the RGB strip ones are costly. The cheap rgb led strip lights are between 10$ to 20$. But, these come with various problems. The common problems are the flickering problem and burning of the strips.

So, you have to buy a good branded LED strip light. You can try flexible led strip light for better durability.Yes, it can be expensive, but gives good service. It can take around $80- $180. However, the price may vary depending on the size of the strip, which can be up to 3$ per fit.

Do Led Light Strips Burn Out?

Yes, LED strips are durable but not permanent. LED bulbs can burn out for many reasons. One of which is excessive exposure to sunlight and dust. All this reduces its lifespan.

  1. Moreover, cheap strips burn out very quickly. That’s why you have to buy branded products that protect it from premature burnout.
  2. Be aware of its power supply. Exceptions of lifespan are seen in its service more or less due to supply of electricity.
  3. Blurred light, flashing, not giving light, or overheating can cause damage. So, the electric supply should be 80% to avoid damage.

Multifunctional LED Headlamps Vs Led Strip Lights

As a homeowner, you may be in the process of wondering if you should invest in a multifunctional led headlamps or a LED strip lights. These two lighting products have different uses and may find that one is more suited for your needs than the other.LED headlamps are sometimes chosen over LED strip lights because they offer more than just light, but can do things like project images or act as a hands-free flashlight. This is thanks to the addition of two smaller LEDs that allow for brighter projection.


You can use LED strip light for long-term service. The main problem is that there is a tendency to be affected by short circuits and other electrical problems. However, with the advancement of technology, this will not be a big obstacle. Use proper wiring and voltage stabilizer to avoid burnout or any damage. Above all, LED strip lights are the best way to entertain and illuminate art in your home and office.

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