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Yoga is a popular way to get fit, gain flexibility as well as relax your body. If you are a passionate yogi then you would agree with me that to make yoga practice simpler and easier there is no alternative to best yoga blocks and strap.

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Though it is not mandatory to use yoga block in your yoga practice, yoga class etc. but you should not treat as such. As it helps a lot in doing difficult poses and help to gain flexibility or provide the support you need in your yoga practice. In addition to that, it is better to use a yoga block to keep yourself away from injury.

In this guide, we will give you a detailed overview of the yoga block and help to find the best yoga block for you.

What is a Yoga block?

The yoga block is a special kind of block that is intended to help the yogis in practicing yoga poses. It is made of cork, foam, wood, or bamboo with different sizes and color also.

yoga block

It comes in different sizes. The standard Size is 4 x 6 x 9 inch that works for most people. If you need a bigger size, it is also available.

Types of block

So there are three types of block found in the market depends on the material they used. They are wood, cork and foam.

Wood Block:

Let me clear that this kind of yoga block is my least favorite yoga block on the list. It is not only expensive but also slightly heavier, hard and slippery. So it is not wise to take it to yoga classes. Woodblock can hurt you also. That’s why I do not recommend it.

wood yoga block

Note that: But you should keep in mind that it is an environment-friendly option.

Cork Blocks:

It is another kind of yoga block which is less costly than a wood block and also Eco-friendly. Let’s see a quick cork yoga blocks review.

Material and durability:

It is made from dense cork which makes it extremely durable. So after longtime uses, it doesn’t lose it shapes or even scratches.

cork yoga block

Suitable for all yogis:

It matches with every yogi. And the weight of this block is perfect which just feels right. It is not too light nor heavy. But not perfect to carry to yoga practice.

Some cons:

It may absorb your sweat during the practice and after some decent time, it may smell a bit funky.

All this matter keep in mind we can draw a conclusion that if you want to use it at home yoga practice (not travelling with it), then it is fine.

Foam Blocks:

foam yoga block

It is the best type of yoga block as it passes all the requirements that it needed to pass to become best yoga block. Let’s see why it is best.

Budget Friendly and durable:

It is the cheapest of all yoga blocks. But it also durable and scratch proof.

Lite weight:

The weight of this yoga block is lighter than others. So it is perfect yoga block that can carry to the yoga classes or travel with it anywhere and best for home uses also.


It is the softest yoga block. So you can rest your forehead on it without any hurting issue.

Reviews of the Best Yoga Blocks -2019

We researched a lot of yoga blocks and finally divide the yoga blocks into the wood block, cork block and foam block group and select top yoga blocks from that group. And finally, find the best yoga block among them. Let’s check them.

Cork Yoga Block

After a long research we find and list two best cork yoga blocks for you.

Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block

Are you looking for a light-weight cork yoga block? Then the Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block is the best option for you. It is made from sustainable cork material which makes it lighter than other cork yoga blocks. Besides this, some other features like durability, stability makes it in our top one cork yoga block list. Lets look a quick review on Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block.

Best Yoga Blocks Reviews 2020 1Best Yoga Blocks Reviews 2020 2

Premium cork material makes it easier to carry:

It is made from a finer grain of cork that makes it light weighted. We all know that cork yoga blocks are heavier than other cork blocks and it is difficult to travel with it. But it is not in this case. Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block is not that heavier and it is easy to carry in yoga classes.

Durability and stability:

It is extremely durable and lasts for long. And it does not lose its shape and nicked and scratches are also rarely happen. It provides a 30-day money back guarantee.

Its natural texture provides extra traction and the rounded edges and corner provide good support and comfort while doing poses.

Excellent Grip and support:

It provides excellent grip and support on the slippery surface. So it is recommended to the beginners especially. It is sturdy enough to support the weight of the yogis and provides stability also.

It is designed for supporting backbends and standing/sitting poses.


It is an Eco-friendly yoga block that is made of natural fiber in fully sustainable harvesting process provides no off-gassing.


  • Light-weighted Eco-friendly block.
  • Made of premium quality cork.
  • Give excellent grip.
  • Durable and stable


  • This block may get darker over time if the oils from your hands repeatedly touching it.
  • Still heavier than foam block.

Final verdict:

Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block won the hearts of a lot of consumers with its stable performance. Now time is yours..

Best Yoga Blocks Reviews 2020 1Best Yoga Blocks Reviews 2020 2

Sukha Designs Natural Cork Yoga Block

Do you prefer an Eco-friendly yoga block for home use? Then Sukha Designs Natural Cork Yoga Block is just for you. Though it is a little bit heavier than other blocks but will give you a lot of comfort and ease while using it. If any questions come to your mind regarding this block, it will clear after reading our review. Let’s check it.

Best Yoga Blocks Reviews 2020 5Best Yoga Blocks Reviews 2020 6

Best for home use:

It is one of the best yoga blocks for home use. Due to its heavier weight, it gives great support while yoga practicing.So you don’t need anyone to give you support and can practice yoga at home freely. It is large enough to sit comfortably and great for meditation and Iyengar yoga.

Eco-friendly option:

Cork blocks are meant to be Eco-friendly but sometimes the customer doesn’t feel a natural feeling. Don’t worry. This Blocks are 100% Eco-friendly, free of artificial materials and toxic chemicals.

Medium Budget Block:

In most of the cases, you may find that cork blocks are expensive. But not in this case as this come with two blocks at a medium price.

Great Support and stability:

It provides great support and stability and allows you to stretch for maximizing yoga poses. Due to its heavy, firm and comfortable surface, it will improve your balance, alignment and strength.

It works great on a slippery surface so don’t think about awkward sliding.

Durability and Lifetime Warranty:

It has a great durability and lost for long and comes will lifetime warranty. If you have any issues with this yoga block just contact with them. They will replace it.


  • Best for any yogis.
  • Made of 100% Eco-friendly corks.
  • Give you great support.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Price is medium.
  • Still a little bit heavier than foam.

Final Verdict:

This is a medium budget high-quality cork block. If money is not a problem then you should go for it.

Heming Weigh Cork Yoga Blocks

Foam Yoga Block

Let’s see our chosen two best foam yoga block.

SUESPORT Yoga Blocks

If you are looking for a premium but inexpensive foam yoga block, then SUESPORT Yoga Blocks is best for you. It comes with some excellent features like good support and stability, eco-friendliness, durability etc. make it on the top list.

All-purpose yoga block:

It is a light-weighted yoga block. Those two blocks made of 4 pounds (0.7lbs) of high-density EU approved foam (4LB). So you can use them at home or carry in yoga class or travel with it. And the size of this yoga block is perfect for carrying in gym or yoga bag and travel case.


It is the most inexpensive premium quality foam yoga block on the market. It comes with a set containing two yoga blocks at an extremely low price.

Multi features blocks come with guaranty:

It is soft but very strong and durable. It comes with a beveled edge, nonstick surface. Beside this it is scratch-proof and the spot can be clean with mild detergent and then a towel and air dry.

It comes with guaranty. If you have any issue with this blocks, feel free to contact them they will replace it.

Eco-friendly and great for home use:

It is made of Eco-friendly and biodegradable materials which is safe to use. Beside this it very best for home use. The Size of this block is 9″W x 6″H x 4″ D which is perfect for home use.

Help all yogis in gaining flexibility:

This is best for beginners for gaining flexibility due to its beveled edges that gives extra comfort and support. Beside this it allows experienced yogis to perfect challenging poses.

While maintaining proper form and alignment, it will help you to reach deeper into your poses, provides excellent support and stability in optimal alignment.


  • Most cheapest yoga block.
  • Made of eco-friendly materials.
  • Multifunctional block.
  • Help in gaining flexibility.


  • Some users find chemical smell from it.
  • Little softer.

Final Verdict:

It is my favourite yoga block on this list. So if you are looking for a low price premium quality yoga blocks then just go for this – don’t worry.

Reehut yoga block

Looking for the most customer satisfied and reviewed yoga blocks on the market? Reehut yoga block wins the heart of a lot of yogis due to its premium build quality and a lot of features. OK, let’s check why it is the best.

Reehut yoga block

Suit to any yogis:

It suits any yogi’s beginner to advance. As a beginner, you may fall in injury or hurt yourself in doing yoga practice. Reehut yoga block will give support and excellent grip in doing different poses.

And it helps advanced yogis in doing advanced, difficult and long poses by providing a strong support, adding safety to advanced poses, good griping and comfortable seat for meditation.

Eco-friendly and Moisture-proof:

It is made of eco-friendly materials which are 100% non-toxic and safe to use.It is also made from the moisture-proof material that keeps bacteria away.

Light weighted, durable and non-slippery:

Though this block is made from high density and sturdy foam, the weight is very light. Beside this, it a durable one that lasts for a long time and its beveled edges give you excellent grip for a long time. It is a non-slippery yoga block that does not slip event in sweat. Interesting!

Perfect for home use and yoga class with a variety colour option:

This block is perfect for home use and you can carry it to your yoga classes also. It gives you the same level of support everywhere. It comes in eight different colours to suit your style.

Some special benefits:

  • It deepens your poses and stretches and ensures proper alignment.
  • Improve your flexibility and balance while reducing injury and muscle strain.
  • It will save your energy required to get into position.
  • Very helpful for pregnant women.


  • Most customer staisfied one.
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe for use.
  • Come with some special benefits.
  • Suits to any yogis.


  • No major problems is found yet.

Final Verdict:

I have no hesitation to tell that Reehut yoga block is the best foam yoga blocks in the current list. It is really a special one.

Reehut yoga block

Bamboo or Wood Yoga Block

At last, we find a suitable bamboo yoga block for you.

Hugger Mugger Bamboo Yoga Block

Most of the time, bamboo or wood yoga blocks are avoided or ignored due to its heavy weight and slippery behaviour. So we researched a lot to find a perfect wood or bamboo yoga block that will overcome those problems. And we are lucky enough to find a block – Hugger Mugger Bamboo Yoga Block that fulfils maximum requirements that we need. Let’s see a detailed review on this.

Hugger Mugger Bamboo Yoga Block

Eco-friendly and sturdy and stable:

This is made of natural bamboo materials, so of course eco-friendly. It is free of toxic glues and stains. And it is sturdy and stable too.

Right weight and travel-friendly:

The weight of this rectangular yoga blocks is just felt right – not too light and not too heavy. So this weight helps you feel grounded.

The hollow core of this yoga block makes it lightweight and travel-friendly.

Support in doing poses:

It has rounded edges so we can practice yoga with it comfortably and it supports and restorative poses.


It comes with lifetime warranty.


    • Still sleepy.
    • Its price is so high.
    • I would not be recommended it to the beginners as they can hurt themselves.
    • If you’re sweating or just have sweaty hands, please do not use it.
    • Hard to grip.

Final Verdict:

Those are my least favorite ones.Though it is a little bit lighter, I will not recommend it for beginners. But some advanced yogis love it for its premium outlook and quality.

Hugger Mugger Bamboo Yoga Block

The Benefits of Using a Yoga block?

Best for Beginners to advanced:

Yoga blocks are must for beginners or newcomers who don’t have the flexibility to practice complicated yoga poses yet, as it can help you ding those poses easily. Not only it helps the beginners but also it helps the advanced yogis to perform long and difficult poses.

For advanced yogis, yoga blocks increase the comfort of holding difficult poses. It helps you to remain in posture without any difficulties. So most importantly you can focus on the yoga strap with having any trouble.

Give Support:

A yoga block can give you support in doing different poses. This support is much-needed o the beginners as well as the advanced yogis. But we should ensure to use good yoga block as it carries our weights.


Yoga blocks are very useful in gaining body flexibility. But you have to ensure to buy the perfect size yoga block for you. Most of the people are perfect with 4 x 6 x 9-inch yoga block but if your height is more or very short then you should buy your perfect one. As flexibility largely depends on it. Such as a 10-inch yoga block may provide more flexibility, comfort and stability.

Reduce the chance of injuries:

There is a possibility to get injured during the yoga practice. It happens to almost everyone. To reduce the possibility of this injuries, it is better to use the best yoga straps, yoga mats or yoga block etc. in your yoga practice. It is very helpful in eliminating hyper-extension and over-stretching which causes injury and discomfort.

Help in doing different poses:

If you are not flexible enough to touch the floor in standing poses, use a block to bring the floor to you simply.

You can change the position of the block around you and easily increase or decrease your stretch without any pain or injury.

You can place it under the legs, feet, hands, bottom and between your arms and legs, depending on the pose the practice.

Help to maintain correct spacing and Alignment

In some yoga poses it is important to maintain proper alignment and tension. You can easily place a block between your thighs and hands to assure proper spacing muscle engagement and rotation.

Yoga block – Buyer’s Guide and checklist:

To choose the best yoga block for different types, brands and model can be quite challenging. No yoga block can be perfectly OK as every block has owned its pros and cons. This finding completely depends on your height, taste, budget and so on.

We research and make a list of some factors and criteria to find the best yoga block for you easily. You just have to follow our guidelines to make an enlightened decision.

Yoga Block buying Guide Checklist:


The yoga block is not an expensive product. The price of a yoga block depends on its types and material. The wood block is the most expensive where foam block is a cheap yoga block. And the price of cork yoga block stays in the middle of those two.

Some yoga block comes with the warranty. You can buy this.

Size and color:

The size of a yoga block mainly depends on the size of yogis or their poses. The universal size of a yoga block is 4 x 6 x 9 inch that works fine for most of the people. But if you have a long and short height or you are pregnant, then you should go for the non-standard block. It comes in the different colour so you can pick your favorite color.

Material and types:

There are 3 types of yoga block currently available in the market such as wood block, cork block and foam block. Just pick what you need.

Let’s be clear that practice place is a major issue. If you want to practice yoga at home then you can buy anyone from these (wood, cork and foam). But if you want to take this yoga block in the yoga practice or travel with it then foam yoga block is the best option.

Which is the Best Yoga block?

There’s no debate on that the yoga blocks can enrich your yoga practice. It is a must yoga accessories for any yogis. If you are not using a yoga block already, you should consider using a yoga block as soon as possible.

Finding the best yoga blocks may be a bit tricky.It actually depends on the types of material and your needs. With all the criteria and guideline given above, picking the best yoga blocks should be much easier.

After observing all the criteria, Reehut Yoga Block seems to win the contest due to its price, solidity and extra features and most importantly customer satisfaction.

Best yoga blocks 2019

We very much hope that the above information might help you to make the best possible decision during the time of buying the best yoga blocks. If this post seems useful to you, please like and share with your friends and family and comment us.

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