4 Reasons Why Owning A Dog is Good for your Health

You don’t mind being single as long as your dog is there to keep you company.

What is in dogs that make them so lovable, dear to us humans? We count them as family members. And we would not think twice of cancelling trips if they are not feeling well. Apparently, the love goes beyond physical attraction. It is not just about them being fluffy and cute. It is also because they help improve our health. In what way?

1. Pet Owners Become Motivated to Exercise:

Laziness is one common reason why people set aside daily workouts.

The case is different though for pet owners. Their everyday routine would include taking their pooch for a walk at the park or within the neighborhood. They not only get to bond with their dog, they are also able to take their daily dose of exercise.

Some owners make it a point to keep their canine friends company during training. It makes them feel more secured.

2. Owning Dogs, Encourage Social Interactions:

Imagine you walking your dog at the park. Somebody approaches, not to greet you but your pooch. You smile at them, they smile back at you. And they will begin asking questions about your dog.  Alas! You met someone new again because of your dog.

These people demonstrating interest in your dog are most likely pet owners as well. And it’s easy to engage in conversations with them because you both are dog lovers.

3. Stress is Relieved:

Sure, owning a pet does not come without costs. But pet owners don’t complain. The help they receive from their dogs to feeling better is priceless anyway.

Dogs are always thrilled to see you. You can expect them jumping on you right when you arrive home from a long day at work. They would cuddle when you feel upset. Merely talking to them makes you smile, even when you do not receive any response.

You can spend minutes playing with them, and even when you are already tired, they will still come asking for more. They couldn’t seem to get enough off you.

One proof that today’s society recognizes the stress-relieving abilities of dogs is the presence of roaming dogs in universities. Students are encouraged to interact with the dogs to help mitigate pressure or anxiety caused by the finals week and arduous college paper requirements.

4. Safeguards you and your Valuables:

Some love taking their dogs with them as they exercise as it makes them feel safer. Other than that, dogs are also reliable when it comes to protecting you and your home from burglars or perpetrators.

Dogs shall alert you should they notice any suspicious activity, even when it happens during wee hours. Also, intruders think twice of attacking when they see that dogs are on the loose.

Remember however that relationships with dogs work two-way.  They cannot be left tied at the backyard, guarding the house all day. They also want to spend quality time with you.

Nettie Gray is an animal lover woman. She likes dog the most. Dogs make her feel happy and stress free.

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